Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Happy Canada Day Hosers! (and a Poem)

 Yes! We live in the Great White North! We are  413.51 m (1,356.66 ft) from the USA. 

Today, besides trying to keep cool, we are celebrating Canada's Birthday! 
Our furrends know that we often refer to where we live as the "Great White North". And some have asked why. As it is Canada Day, we thought we would tell you where that comes from.
One of Mom's favorite TV shows in the late 70s was SCTV. One of our human brother's Dad's furrends was a producer for the show, so it was watched religiously. 
"Ironically, the most popular sketch in the program's eight-year history was intended as throw-away filler. Bob and Doug McKenzie, the dim-witted, beer-chugging, and back bacon-eating brothers in a recurring Canadian-themed sketch called Great White North, were initially developed by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas, respectively, as a sardonic response to the CBC network's request that the show feature two minutes of "identifiably Canadian content" in every episode. The two-minute length reflects the fact that American shows were two minutes shorter than Canadian ones (to allow more commercials), leaving two minutes needing content for the Canadian market. The Bob and Doug McKenzie segments first appeared in 1980 at the start of season three and continued in every episode until Thomas and Moranis left the series.

The characters ultimately became icons of the very Canadian culture they parodied, spinning off albums, a feature film (Strange Brew), commercials, and numerous TV and film cameos. Bob and Doug helped popularize the stereotypical Canadian trait of adding "eh" to the end of sentences, a facet of Canadian life often gently ridiculed in American shows featuring Canadian characters. Lines from the sketch, such as "Take off, you hoser!", became part of North American popular culture."
(from Wikipedia)

We welcome all of our furrends world wide to be "Hosers" like us today!

Almost all the 2 minute segments of "The Great White North" are on YouTube.

Poetry Thursday

This week we are going to do Sammy's  Poetic Thursday everybody…Please click on the button to go to Poetry Central at Two Spoiled Cats

 And this is this weeks inspirational image!

As I walk along the the street
A door swings open in the in the heat
I see the tables and the bottles
And my restraint, slowly topples
I open the door and am amazed!
As my eyes are slowly raised
I see the wall of bottles shine
On the shelves all made from pine
Every bottle tells a story
about a person's fall from glory
I look and see (as if I can)
That inside each there lies a man!
I turn and leave and walk away
Perhaps I'll be back another day.

Cinnamon is singing "Oh Canada" and thinking about playing in the SNOW!


  1. we love da hoser photo!!!! happy happy catnada day!!! with many stories from da bottles ;O)

  2. I love that movie, "Strange Brew"! Your poem is really good! Happy Canada Day!

  3. Cinnamon's singing of the Canadian national anthem was excellent!

  4. Hari OM
    Well, that was most interesting - never really gave it a thought, being a resident of the UK's "GWN" (and having thouse south of the border often mimicking their idea of what Scottishness is)!!! I just think of Canadians as 'cuzzins'. Have a superydupery day all of you! Hugs wags whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Happy Canada day ! I didn't know that either living in Belgium/Europe

  6. Happy Canada Day!I didn't know about Hosers so that was interesting. I love your poem too.Here in the far Westcountry in particular Plymouth we are known as Janners.

  7. Sing it out, Cinnamon! Happy Canada Day!

  8. HAPPY CANADA DAY and WOW what a very very good poem for Poetry Day! Love it! I can't even imagine going into a pub like this - it's just OVERWHELMING but interesting too. Maybe that's part of the charm - it's TEMPTING and sometimes that's all it takes to bring in the crowd! Thanks for joining in our Thursday fun.

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

  9. Happy Canada Day to the whole family there. Goodness you can spit across the river to be in the US. Cinnamon I bet you carry a tune like the best opera singer ever.

  10. Wishing you Happy National Canada Day! Have a good time with your family and friends.
    I like your poetry! 😊
    Cinnamon is so sweet singing in the snow! Is a sweet dog anyway! ❤️
    Thank you for the info!

  11. I LOVE the blog and Happy Canada Day! Goodness, I haven't seen or read the word Hosers since my boys were teenagers! The had a poster rather like the one you show here on the inside of the door to their room. Cinny, you are very earnest and patriotic singing Oh Canada to celebrate the day. Mommy will listen to it and other renditions in a little while on uTube.

  12. Happy Canada Day!! Fun poem and Cinny is doing a great job singing Oh Canada!!

    The Florida Furkids

  13. Cinny I love your voice, or I know I would if i could hear you sing... wild clapping for your poem. Happy Canada day and all of this about hoser and the tv show is news to me. i grew up without TV so that means I don't recognize American tv much either. only a few shows viewed at others homes. eh?

  14. What a fun post to see and read about your location!!
    Happy Canada Day and I hope and purr the hots are simmering down.
    Cinnamon I hear your roar, What a fun poem
    Hugs Cecilia

  15. do do... do do... do do..........bob an dug eh? happy canada day

  16. Wonderful singing, Cinnamon.

    Happy Canada Day. Now I know where you live.

    Have a fabulous Canada Day. Scritches all around, a smooch to Marv and a hug to mom. ♥

  17. Happy Canada Day! We like your poem too and hope you get some cool weather soon.

  18. Intriguing post and Happy Canada Day ~ Xo ~ love the doggie singing ~

    Living in the moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  19. Happy Canada Day! I grew up in Niagara Falls, NY. In summer, we'd walk or ride our bikes across the Rainbow Bridge (yes, the real one) to Canada where we could enjoy the beautiful flowers and gardens, and of course, see the Falls from a different angle.

  20. Happy Canada Day! Interesting about the Hosers, I'd never heard of them. Love the poem, and the picture of Cinnamon!

  21. Happy Canada Day! That was really a cool story about the hosers and we enjoyed your poem too!

  22. Great Poem and we caught some of that show on some public tv a ways back and it was super funny. We did not know you were that close to the edge! Dont fall in they may ask for taxes or some silly kind of insurance. Just meowin

  23. We heard of them, eh. Happy Canada Day, hosers.
    Didn't Bob & Doug McKenzie do a Hanukkah song too?

    1. Adam Sandler did The Hanukka Song. I believe later Rick Moranis did a whole record of Jewish songs.

  24. Oh my, what a great post ... we think the "mouse in the beer" is so the cats can enjoy it, too! As for where you live (having looked it up awhile back), is it really a teeny-tiny town like we read it was? And just wondering are Hosers anything like us Hoosiers? Like maybe kizin cuzins at least? Wild & crazy poetry today!
    Oh my, what a great post ... sing Cinni sing!

  25. I remember those skits. I'm 144 miles from B.C. , so there you go eh? Hope you had fun Canada day!

  26. Hope you had a wonderful Happy Canada Day!

  27. Happy Canada Day! Do you know that we can see Canada from our island? Here’s a fun fact…Canada is actually south of us!!

  28. Happy Canada Day to you. I hope you have a fantastic day. We used to love SCTV. So many funny people.

  29. Yup, the great White if!
    Must be the great cooked north right now.

    Happy Belated Canada Day, for am fellow Hoser...and true Bluenoser...having lived in NS for 18 months or so...but actually I am a Torontian...I was born there! Good old TO! My brother and his family are bearing the heat with you right now, they live in Vncouver...yup, the GWN! LOL!

    Long time ago, someone I met (here) did not know of Niagara Falls(!), and actually thought perhaps I had lived in an igloo?? OMC!


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