Thursday, June 13, 2024

Well, Hello Dolly!


One of our cat furrends is Lucifer. And he is THANKFUL that we live across the street. He lives with Mr T. Mr T is a really nice guy. About a month ago, Mr T came home with a new DOG! Her name is Dolly and she is what is called a Cowboy Corgi. She is a mixed breed, part Heeler (that is what Cinnamon is) and part Corgi (and part something else, Mom suspects Jack Russel as that is what size she is). Dolly is 20 months old. Poor Dolly has not had good luck with Peeps. Her first Peeps did not have the time to take care of her and her Peep #2 was old (like Mr T) and found her rambunctiousness too difficult. 

Mr T is not all that mobile either, but he was pretty sure he could handle a small dog. She was beautiful and affectionate and small, but he did not count on the fact that Dolly has not been trained. Her last Peep had a yard and Dolly was not walked (though she did get exercise) and she is house broken but she is totally undisciplined. Mr T does not have a fenced yard and he was having a lot of trouble taking her out for walks. All the neighbors were worried that Dolly was going to knock poor Mr T down and Mr T would get hurt.

Our Mom volunteered to teach Dolly how to walk on a leash by taking her for a long walk and get some exercise as well as give her some training every day. That has been going really well. Dolly is SMART. She also has been coming over to visit with Cinnamon so that she gets socialized with other dogs. Everything was going well and then disaster struck....

Mr T's landlord came over and said that Mr T had to get rid of Dolly! HE does not like dogs and even though Dolly does not make noise and Mr T had not done anything wrong HE owns the property and HE does not want any dogs on it! (Dolly hides behind Mom whenever she meets him on the street). Mr T was devastated (as was Dolly).  Lucifer, however is thankful, he does NOT like dogs or that one is living in his house with his human. 

Our Mom and our human brother Alex sat down and figured that Dolly could be added to our family. Then Mom and Mr T sat down last week and discussed it and Alex put a fence around part of the yard to Dolly could learn how to do things off leash! Dolly will move across the street to our house this Friday. Mr T is happy. He loves Dolly to bits but he knew he could not take care of such a young excitable dog the way that we could and he can visit with her and her with him! Lucifer is over the moon he is so thankful! 

 Kozmo says she is OK. Jo Jo and I are still running when we see her...We are not Thankful...Yet. Mom says we will get used to it. I shall let you know how it goes. 

We are pawticipating in Thankful Thursday at Brian's Home Forever.