Friday, May 13, 2022

Fabulous Friday & Art for Caturday

Furst! I got terrific news! 

Cinnamon is feeling more like herself today - thanks to ALL the purrayers!

You guys ROCK!

When  Mom and the vet met this afternoon, the vet agreed with Mom that Cinnamon's drains were still draining, but it looked like it is because of their locations. Cinnamon's bandages were pulling the drains  and the stuff was running and (of course she wanted to lick) and they decided Cinnamon would heal faster with them gone. However this means Mom will have to change bandages more often now the drains are gone, but what's some mess when Cinnamon will heal faster (and feel better)!

The vet could not believe how fast Cinnamon had recovered from her fall. We all know that it was all the purrayers from all our furrends around the world. Cinammon is HAPPY! She is tons more comfortable. Look at how comfy she is!

She wants to THANK YOU for your purrayers!  

And when Cinnamon is happy, even us cats are happier (She takes up less of Mom's time-Yeah! I get my pets on Mom's lap back!)

I'm doing the HAPPY DANCE!

Yep! I have made it a puzzle too!

preview120pieceDancing Marv

AND then I thought I'd go  all Vincent Van Gogh! 

preview120pieceDancing in the moonlight with Marv

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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Purrayers for Cinnamon Please

 Hi Guys,

As you guys know last week Cinnamon had a 3.5 pound tumour removed (that's 8% of her total body!) and she was doing really well! She went to the vet for a check up on Monday and they were really happy with her progress and they set up an appointment for Cinnamon to see if her drain could be removed on Wednesday. 

Then TUESDAY happened...About 10:30 am Mom was out watering the bedding plants in the new plastic greenhouse. I Marv was sitting on the deck rail and Kozmo was snoopervising Mom. Cinnamon came out the back door and headed for the stairs. We don't know what happened, but we think she was dizzy and she fell off the deck! That was a 3 foot fall! She cried! There was blood every where, Mom was yelling, Alex was running around picking up Cinnamon and I jumped on the roof! 

Cinnamon did not bust any stitches, but they think the healing muscles that the tumour was between got pulled apart! Mom changed Cinnamon's dressing 6 times before this morning. Where the drains are is still leaking a lot. Cinnamon went for her vet appointment today and they told Mom to put ice on her side and to keep changing her dressings and check her gums frequently to make sure she is not too pale and to bring her back on Friday.  

 If you could spare some purrayers for her, we sure would appreciate it.(Mom is totally stressed out)!

Oh Yes! Emmy at 15 and Meowing could use your purrayers too!

Purrs Marv 

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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Happy Mother's Day to all the other Pet Mom's!

I hope all the other Pet Mom's have a GLORIOUS DAY!

Cinnamon gave me a card today! She is the best daughter a Mom could ask for. She showers me with kisses, comforts me when I am sad, makes me go outside and enjoy the fresh air, glorious scenery and the wonderful variety of weather we have. She does not complain about eating the same food every day and thinks I am the greatest, even if I took her to the vet, accidentally pull her fur when we change her bandage and make her lie on towels.

I LOVE her to bits.

Thanks Cinny!

May your Mother's Day be full of boundless joy, purrs, kisses and pet love.
Thanks for the shout out Ms Ellen

Love Barb

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