Friday, September 18, 2020

Meow Like A Pirate on Artsy Caturday

 Mom had Friday off. She had some major work on her teeths on Thursday and when she comed home from the dentist, she looked like she had stopped a truck with her face. She did not feels much like working on Friday, so NATURALLY, us pets assumed that meant wes could has her undivided attention!

When Mom mowed the lawn, Cinnamon kept putting her ball in front of the mover and when Mom came in and sat down, wes assumed she would create the most purrfect Pirate Portraits EVER for us for MEOW LIKE A PIRATE DAY!


 Yes...Wes wanted portraits!

Wes knew that Mom had been thinking about creating us some new portraits painted in the style of the old masters and she had been looking at how that is done using PowerPoint and this was the purrfect opportunity. And Because Ye can't be part of a crew without a proper pirate name wes all gots new Pirate Names too!

Kozmo or should wes say Count Paisley Williams was the first one.

Then it was Cinnamon (Periwinkle 'Gassy' Sharkfin

Then wes did Marv (Red 'Fierceful' Lynx)!

And Lastly the Gorgeous Jo Jo (Pearle 'Goddess' Shade

AND Wes writed a Pirate Story! 

Have you heard of Red 'Fierceful' Lynx, the pirate? His friends call him Red for short. He loved to range across the Seven Seas! When people saw Red coming, they would scream, "Run! Run for your lives or he'll put you in his brig! Everyone feared Pirate Red and his crew, Goddess, Count and Gassy. Red did not want to be feared though. He just wanted to make everyone happy!

To keep people from being scared, he took down his pirate flag 

And he flew a pair of SOCKS!!

As everyone knows that Pirates favorite socks are ARG- Gyle, the people felt much better and invited Red and his crew into town for arrrrrrrrrrrrrtichokes and Chips A-hoy cookies!
Wes also pawticipating in Athena Marie's Caturday Art! This week hers looks like a GORGEOUS oil painting. Please clicks her button to see all the other wonderful pet art. There is some real talent out there!

Wes can't waits to see all the pirates and the beautiful art (And do the puzzles)!


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

This week wes thankful for spiders!

Wes is thankful that Bitsy Orb Weaver spider has made our deck her home!

She had built her web across the  back of the deck. Alas, Alex has taken the SLR camera to Calgary and Mom's phone camera does not focus on Bitsy furry well.

Wes got this photo from the inter webs and it looks just like her - just a little darker, Bitsy is more a coffee with cream color. She is a gorgeous spider with her yellow and black-banded belly and legs and silvery carapace. 
Why is wes thankful for Orb Weaver spiders like Bitsy? They catches a zillion bugs and they builds beautiful webs.

While Mom was talking to Mr D, a fly got caught in her web! And right away, a wasp flew in thinking it could gets a free meal! It got caught in the web too! Bitsy was a really busy lady!
She was down wrapping up her meals and heading to her hiding place, so quickly, Mom had trouble catching a photo of her.

 Most of the time, she is up in her corner - waiting for her next meal...

She will most likey be decorating our deck with her gorgeous orb webs and she will gets bigger and bigger throughout the fall. When its time, she will lays her eggs and disappear. Wes are looking forward to sees how big she will gets and her beautiful webs when they are covered with dew in the mornings!

Orb spiders are harmless, as gentle as the heroine of Charlotte’s Web. Orb spiders are non-aggressive  and they play critical role in insect control. Here, the number of spiders is astounding, hundreds of thousands of them live in each hectare all controlling insect populations. They are critical for any ecological balance. And wes LOVES looking for them and watching them!

Wes is pawticipating in Thankful Thursday. Click on the button to bes magically taken to Brian's Home and see all the thankfulness!

 Does yous like spiders?

Our Mom does! She makes Christmas spiders for furrends evefurry year!

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Deery Mes! Definately NOT Wordless!


Yous knows wes has a gang of Deers in our village. 
Mrs Doe #1 had triplets and Mrs Doe #2 twins and they has been terrorizing evfurrybody! 
They eats flowers, they eats trees, they is bugging evefurry one and chasing DOGS!
Poor Cinnamon. She is afraid to goes in our yard by herself. 
These locusts is purticularly fond of Mr Bill's apple tree! Here's me talking to Mrs Doe #1!

There is NO apples within Deer eating height! 

Mom said I should ask Mrs  Doe #1 what a deers favorite cheese is!

At least Mom thinks they are funny!

Even though wes NOT Wordless, wes pawticipating anyway! 
Please click the link to see the Wonderful Wordless Posts that ARE wordless!
Maybe next week mes will has learned my lesson....

Monday, September 14, 2020

Happy Tuesday Mouse & Cheese Jokes

 Wes is going to pawticipate in Comedy Plus' Happy Tuesday and Mes thought wes could tells some jokes!

Nope, this weeks jokes did not goes as mes planned...mes gots to gets new partners...

Yous can clicks on Sandee's button to goes to her website and sees all the others pawticipating in Happy Tuesday!