Saturday, July 30, 2022

After Marv's Birthday Selfie Sunday

Red Mom

Blue Marv

 Hey Marv, Quit playing Cat Video games, its time to take your selfie!

But Mom, I think one of the ants escaped and it's in the rug!!
Got it! 
Now I'll push the camera button!

Great selfie Marv, but you cut off your ears! 

That's OK, I look like I'm blowing kisses. 

Mom, I finished my birthday badge, do you think we can post it today too?

Sure Marv.

Now we are going over to The Cat On My Head's Blog. They host Selfie Sunday and it is always a ton of fun! Here is where I get to visit all the other pets who are showing off their Selfies! 

You can get their by clicking their badge!

Friday, July 29, 2022

Caturday Art Comment-A-Thon Update

 Oh Boy - what a week! What a CELEBRATION! What a PARTY!

We had Angels, we had Dogs and Cats and a MOUSE SAFARI! The Photo Booth was a hit and we had comments! We had comments at Beau's Zoom session on his blog, we had comments on My Facebook page and we had comments on My Blog and when we added them all up, we had 80!

Flat Marv will be taking the Green Papers to Boundary Helping Hands  Feline Rescue Society! They are needing all the donations they can get right now. Their facility is full of cats and kittens and 10 more showed up on my birthday. 

Now here is my Caturday Art! As we are donating $80, and I thought I'd like to make the money into art..after all Canadian Money is Art! It is made out of plastic, has clear sections and with the celebration for the Queen, there are full color sections in the clear part of the bills!

We also made it into a puzzle!  

  AND - its NOT my Art, but it is Art of ME! Beau's Mom Made me a Card and I am making a puzzle of it too!

preview120pieceMarv Card

Our Furrend Athena (she is even more of a Goddess in real life! I can't believe she came to my pawty!) hosts Artsy Caturday. Click on her button to be whisked to her blog where you can see her Mom's gorgeous art.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

We Beat It!

 Hi Guys,

Thanks to you, we BEAT last years total! 

We had 74 different comments on Facebook and the blog and Four Paws (Beaus Blog)!  Mom is going to round up the total for the Comment-a-thon to $75! And I will get Mom to take Flat Marv to Boundary Helping Hands in Grand Forks, BC. 

I am so happy and I have you all to thank for it! 

I had a ton of fun! 
I have asked if I can print all the Photo Booth shots and put them on the wall by my bed so I can remember all the fun we had! 
If there is anyone who accidentally missed getting their Photo Booth photo, you can send a picture to Nellieontheedge @ and we will post it up on the Birthday Post and will send you a your photo as soon as we can. 
 It was such a fun day, I am still pooped!
All this little cat from Persia can say is my heart just keeps thanking you and thanking you. 

We are Thankful for you ALL!!!

We are pawticipating in Thankful  Thursday at Brian's Home! Please click on their badge to be taken to Thankful Central!