Thursday, July 27, 2023

Belated Birthday Post!

 Hi Guys! It's Thankful Thursday and boy am I THANKFUL!

Thanks for all your birthday wishes yesterday! Wowwzers! I can't believe all the love I got!
AND I even gotted 2 cards! The most gorgeous CK wants to go to Hawaii with me!

And the Weim Twins by other mothers sent me the coolest picture of them!

I thought I'd like to catch you up with all the wonderful fun I have been having this summer.

Sleeping in the window!

I brought Mom midnight snax (at least twice)!

Enjoying the cat tree on the deck!

Laying on the deck

Rolling on the concrete

Getting skritches

Watching the Canada Day Parade

Playing in the nice cool house



Thank YOU for remembering my birthday!

Now, I am thankful that I can share my summer with you guys and I am so furry thankful for my furrends and Brian and his siblings for hosting Thankful Thursday! Please click on their button to be magically transported to Thankful Central!


Sunday, July 2, 2023

Is it July - already?

 Hi Guys~ Yes it is July! Where does the time go?

We have had a busy month...our Mom's Step Mom passed away and our Grampy has been furry sad. Mom and her sisters have been trying to help him through this tough time. Well, mostly Mom's middle sister...she lives in the same city as Grampy. We live about 10 hours away, but together they found Grampy a new place to live, got him moved and settled in. 

Grampy says he is starting on his Fifth Big Adventure!

Speaking of adventures! It was Canada Day yesterday!

 This is what it looked like here yesterday...can you see the geese on the bank just by the other side of the river? They are YELLING at Kozmo! He was chasing the baby geese and they swam over and started giving him heck!

Undeterred, he caught a mouse and brought it in for Mom for breakfast! Mom threw the mouse out for the Crows and headed off to the pancake breakfast at the park. 

Around Noon, Alex and some of his friends went tubing on the river. When he took his friends back to pick up their truck, Cinnie went for a ride. And when they got there, she rescued a stick!!

Several times!

We are using this photo for Selfie Sunday!

And Mom went and watched the parade! In our village almost all the kids take part. This is one of our neighbours.

Jessica pedalled her bike the whole parade!

THe day was beautiful and the fireworks were spectacular! When they started, Mom sat on the front step and watched them, we all went down to the basement and laid on the bed in Alex's Man Cave! It was a wonderful day! We hope you all have the purrfect July Fourth!


You all know how to have so much fun and we love visiting you! 

The Cat On My Head started and has been hosting Selfie Sunday FOREVER! We can't wait to go to their blog and see who all is linked up this week!  

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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Marv and Feline Friday and the Friendly Fill -Ins!

It was HOT today! 32c (that's 90f). Kozmo and me - Marvelous Marv love the weather and we have been spending most of the time during the day outside! BUT it is cooling off -- tomorrow, we are expecting some rain. Mom says that would be nice If I showed you where we spend that time!

       This is our deck! As you can see the river has gone down.

We have a cat tree on the deck. The first thing I do when I go outside is jump up to the top and I watch out for Ella! Ella is a huge dog and she does not like cats...if she comes towards our house I run back inside. If she is not, I like to sleep up here.

Mom, it is nap time. You are excused! Now we are celebrating posting by being part of Feline Friday! Please click the button to be taken to Feline Friday! Tell Mimi that Marvelous sent you!


The Friendly Fill-Ins


The Friendly Fill-ins are written by 15 and Meowing (the first 2) and the second two are written by Four-Legged Fur Balls! We hope you enjoyed learning about Me Marvelous Marv as much as we love learning about you dear furrends.

1. I would (and do) dance for CATNIP.
2. The last visit to the vet I attended was when I left Iran. (Our vet visits our house to see me when she goes to see the cows at the farm down the road).
3. I can’t relax until I know where Ella is.
4. I knew I needed a bath when I jumped to the cup at the top if the tree.