Thursday, October 7, 2021

Friendy Feline Friday and Fill-Ins!

Furrst...Happy Gottcha Day Einstein!

We got you a meat cake!

Friendly Fill-Ins!

Hi guys! When Mom has not been doing yard work and painting the kitchen cabinets, she has been working on her computer, but it has NOT been to help us blog! She has been creating art. But being the oldest, I demanded in my very loud voice, that Mom help me pawticipate in the the Friendly Fill-Ins.

1. I wish I could train _________________ to ____________________.

I wish I could train Mom to treat me in the manner to which I would LIKE to become accustomed.

2. I am planning to get ________________ for ___________________.

 I'M planning to get the Cat Furrari out and take Katie Isabella out for a drive up to Greenwood for Mice Cream.

3. I know it’s time to _________ when _________.

I know it is time to cuddle and chirp at Mom when I want special ear skritches!

4. I felt brave when I _________.


I felt brave when I vanquished this least weasel.

The Friendly Fill-ins are written by 15 and Meowing (the first 2) and the second two are written by Four-Legged Fur Balls! We hope you enjoyed learning about Kozmo as much as we love learning about you dear furrends!  You can click on the buttons to be magically taken to 15 and Meowing and the Four-Legged Furrballs blogs!

Feline Friday!

Here is Marv. He was waiting for Mom to finish working on the computer so he could get some treats. She took too long!

 We are  pawticipating In Comedy Plus' Feline Friday! Sandee has terrific blog hops and we love to pawticipate! Click the button to be magically taken to Feline Friday at Comedy Plus! 



  1. you are very brave to get that weasel... we are sadly not fast enough to make such a fab prey...

  2. Great fill ins, Kozmo. Just wondering. When you caught that weasel did it make you stink? When Flynn caught one he came in smelling like a polecat! I had to give him a bath.

  3. WOWZERS MEOWZERS! A real weasel. I don't guess I've ever seen one of those - dead or alive! Bravo oh great hunter. Poor Marv...passed out...sometimes humans just take too long and we can't wait!

    Hugs, Teddy

  4. You're all looking great, but we are wondering who Einstein is. Did we miss something?

    Tama and Benny

  5. Well I must say that more of looks most comfortable lying there on the bed waiting for his mom to get done working. However Kozmo you have the right idea to be up and about. Hope you and Katie get to go for a ride and that fancy car and maybe get some tuna cream. Hope your mom's Arctic is going well and you all have a great weekend. I understand it's Thanksgiving for you folks so I bet there's lots of food to eat for all the kitties and for Cinnamon.

  6. OH KOZMO. I am THRILLED! Getting out the Ferrari for ME? Mice cream? You and me in Greenwood? I can't wait. Shall I wait for you here or zip on over? Just tell me the o'clock to be there. Or be ready here. I'll wear my white high heels that Dai$y and I bought while over in Milan. XXXOOO

  7. Is there enough room for me in that cat furrari?! Happy Birthday to Einstein!

  8. got a weasel????? Very impurressive.

  9. wow, i have never seen a weasel and Beaus dad says he has not either. good job on the weasel hunt. you do such a good job on the fill ins. I wish I had the get up and go to paint. everything on our house needs to be painted. that meat cake is a great idea.. beau would love it

  10. ♫♪Happy Gotcha Day to you,♪♫
    ♫♪Happy Gotcha Day to you,♪♫
    ♫♪Happy Gotcha Day Dear Einstein,♪♫
    ♫♪Happy Gotcha Day to you!♪♫

    I just came from Einsteins house and there are lots of treats. Yummy.

    Love your fill-ins. Kitties do them the very best.

    There's my Marv. You know how much I love Marv.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. Scritches all around, a smooch to Marv and a hug to mom. ♥

  11. Real weasel really? Fur sure? Y'all are too too funny. Where does one drive a Furrari in the teenytinytown you live in where speed limits must be goslowgo. We must email U soon.

  12. Hari Om
    That's some good fill-ins - and gosh, well done on that weasel!!! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  13. We enjoyed your fill ins especially the one about ear scritches. That's something we do to our pawrents too.

  14. Love the adorable fill-in answers! Happy Friday and weekend! :) <3

  15. Wow! Chester has caught bunnies, birdies, mice, and shrews, but not a weasel! I don't think we even have those around here.

  16. You and Katie Isabella look grand together, Kozmo! And Happy Gotcha Day to Einstein!

  17. I wish I could train Mom to treat me in the manner to which I would LIKE to become accustomed. I think you and Angel Madi shared the same, Royal DNAs. She was always certain I could do better but learned to live with my imperfections.
    Happy Gotcha Einstein
    Hugs cecilia

  18. Thank you for participating in the fil-ins, great answers. Nice card for Einstein. Very impressive on cacting a weasel. Have a nice weekend. XO

  19. Those were really good and really fun answers!

  20. Happy Birthday Einstein!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!! Nice catch on that weasel, I always thought that they were minks. :)

  21. Whoa! That pic of you with the weasel prey has me all tingly. Don't tell Marv.

  22. Wonderful answers, and many happy returns of Gotcha Day to Einstein!

  23. Charlee: "Keep an eye out for speed traps when you're in the Ferrari! We hear red sports cars are ticket magnets!"

  24. HAPPY GOTCHA DAY, EINSTEIN!!! Bet you're gonna have a FANTABULOUS day. MOUSES!

  25. Awww friends you are so nice to remember floofy old me. Purrrrrr
    Wow what great fill ins Kozmo! Marv I know how you feel. I think when they get older they forget how important a nice treat is.
    Angel Timmy

  26. Happy Gotcha Day to Einstein.

    Great job on the fill-ins. We are impressed with the weasel catch. One of us who shall go unnamed snagged a treerat last week:(

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  27. Oh, Wow...Happy Belated Greetings for a fine Gotcha Day, Einstein!


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