Saturday, June 3, 2023

Selfie Sunday



Jo Jo

Hey Kozmo, why don't you jump up here and let me help you take your selfie for Selfie Sunday.


Get Marv! I'm going outside, there are mice to catch and birds to chase!
Hmmmm...Wait! Jo Jo! 
Mom, are you talking to me? 
Yes Darling!
You want something!  I'll do what ever you want if I get TREATS!
OK Kiddo!



Before you go Jo Jo, can you smile for your furrends?

Dear furrends, we have not been around much these last few weeks, but we will try to get a post out at least once a week!

Thanks for making us laugh and helping us keep it all together. You all know how to have so much fun and we love visiting you! 

The Cat On My Head started and has been hosting Selfie Sunday FOREVER! We can't wait to go to their blog and see who all is linked up this week!  

Now click their badge to be whisked to Selfie Central

We are so furry sad to read about our furrend Raz! Raz was one of the coolest man cats in the blogosphere! He was Married to the Magnificent Madi and he was the bestest cat scout EVER! Raz, you are my purrson hero! And please kiss Queen Nellie for me. I KNOW she was there to greet you when you crossed the Rainbow Bridge! We also send hugs, kisses and strength to your Mom! We LIVE you tons! Head Bonks and whisker kisses Marvelous Marv and Mom


  1. That was very good of you to do the selfie and even smile on demand, JoJo.

  2. Hari OM
    Aww, JoJo, you are soooo purrty!!! Thanks for letting mum take your pickchewer. Though I hope Kozmo had a successful hunt, too! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Those are great selfies, Kozmo and JoJo!

  4. Kozmo, what big ears and eyes you have, all the better fur seeing mice. And Princess Jo Jo, is that the trick to getting treats? Look purrty and smile? I do that, I think and Lynn is quite rude to not give me extra. Tell Marv and Cinnamon I purr to them. Precious

  5. We know coming out of winter hibernation makes us all busy. Hope you are well. Lee and Phod and Lady

  6. It's so nice to see you, sweet friends. We understand busy. Life happens, right? We'll be here whenever you are able to post! :)

    Nice selfie, Jo Jo! XO

  7. It was nice of you to pose for your selfie when Kozmo was too busy, Jo Jo.

  8. Hard to catch a good pic of a cat that has other things to do!

  9. JoJo, what a sweet selfie! Those treats did the trick!

  10. It's always great to see all of you,

    Remember you are more than welcome to link up to Feline Friday any time you post, it's open to add a link on my Feline Friday page all week.

    If i weren't so busy with work myself, i'd start looking at the Sunday Selfies hop, too.

  11. Nice to see a post from you. Thank you for being such a good sport JoJo. XO

  12. Charlee: "Peekaboooo, I see a Kozmoooo!"

  13. Hey dear ones good to see a post from you. I hear it has been hot in Canada.
    You all take care of each other.
    Thank you for your comments about Madi's Raz...I have a post set for thankful Thursday about all the things he and Madi did.
    Hugs Cecilia

  14. Nice to see you again today Jo Jo!

  15. JoJo! You should have gotten more treats than that for your purrfurmance!!

    We were very sad about Raz, too. We made him a memento...its on the post we did on Friday...

  16. Nice series of images!
    I hope everything is ok there!
    Happy WW and fine treats!😘❤️


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