Thursday, August 18, 2022

Thankful Thursday - Just so you know....

 Hi guys! 

I bet you guys thought that we had dropped off the edge of the world! SO I thought I would drop you a line and let you know how hectic life is at CASA DEL MARV!

About 3 weeks ago Mom and Alex moved everything in the living room so Mom could start painting the walls. Last fall Mom bought new flooring for the whole house and our human brother wanted to start laying it. Forgetting that Mom is old and decrepit, he figured Mom could paint the walls in a week or so. 

Not only is Mom old and decrepit and takes forever to climb a ladder, there was other "stuff" that has meant that Mom is still painting. (40 year old real wood unpainted panelling, removal of 20 year accumulation of cigarette smoke, yada, yada that means 4 (or more) coats in each wall and the ceiling), Mom is now on the last wall in the living room. (it is Masonite panelling that has a moulded diamond pattern). But enough on Mom complaining!

To top it off, our Uncle Fred passed away. He is our cousin Jewel's Dad and he has been very ill for a couple of years. Mom will be going to Vancouver next week for the celebration of his life. We would like to go, but we (except for Cinnamon) are not fond of that long drive! Besides, who would take care of our human brother Alex?

What do you think I am doing in this photo?

It is a CATNIP rolly ball toy that our human brother got for us! Jo Jo whaps it really hard and  knocks it off the sticky stuff that holds it on the book case, but I, Marv, like to lick it!

 Besides enjoying catnip, I have been hanging in the backyard with Jo Jo.

And shrew, mole, vole and mouse hunting!

I have been "gifting" Mom a shrew every morning. She is most appreciative, but I've not yet seen her eat one...

I want you to know how thankful I am for all my furrends. And I am thankful that you guys are always there for me! I am thankful that I live in such a wonderful place and I am thankful that I can come and visit you guys too! 

And Mom is thankful that she is not going through what Brian's Peeps is! She can remember when Queen Nellie went into heat! So of you may remember what a Cat From Hell she was and boy oh boy, Mom says it was really an experience!

All this little cat from Persia can say is my heart just keeps thanking you!


We are Thankful for you ALL!!!

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  1. It's good to hear from you, Marv. I know about being old and decrepit. I'm very slow too so give mom a break.

    Sorry about the passing of Uncle Fred. Healing hug to mom.

    I'm thankful for you and your siblings and your mom.

    Have a purrfect Thankful Thursday. Scritches all around, a smooch to you and a big hug to mom. ♥

  2. We're glad to see you too Marv and y'all sure have been busy. You are quite the mighty hunter Marv, good job. We are sorry to hear about Uncle Fred though and we all send you hugs. Tell your Mom that Kiki had her spay yesterday, now the chore is keeping her quiet and calm, yea right! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. Hari OM
    Thanks for the update, Marv! Loving the laid back look in the banner and that you are so into your nip doser and voling real well... life doesn't get much better really!!! Oh, and tell mum Barb I know all about slow and steady on the pins!!! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-autny xxx

  4. Marv Marv Marv! I's so excited to see this. yur mom does tooooo much human stuff. she needs to get those thumbs going with bloggy cat and dog stuff. more fun. Jo Jo, I tried stepping out on the patio a month ago, did not like it a bit. I just sit at the threshold and watch Lynn do something called watering. And if I ever caught my chipmunk, what would I do fur enturr-tainment. So I let it eat squash seeds Lynn places on the concrete to lure it to the door fur me. Pass on a purr or two to the rest, Kozmo, Cinnamon, Mom and Alec. Precious ps: a nice purr-son told Lynn how to use her thumbs to get your birthday badge on my page.

  5. Marv, do you know the sound of crunching celery stalks?
    Well, that's the sound my body makes sometimes, so I understand why the painting took awhile longer than first thought!
    Sorry to hear about the relative who died; we too have a memorial service to attend soon.
    Y'all take care; we are here when you need us.

  6. Thanks a bunch for giving up the licking thingy on the book case long enough to let us know how all of you are doing. Sorry for the loss of your uncle and that you must stay home and take care of Alex. Believe me, Beau and I know about aging bones... neither of us could paint a wall, much less a room.

  7. I know all about old and decrepit, Marv! We have been remodelling the bedroom, or I should say Ivor has and he is 19 days more old and decrepit than me. Why couldn't we have done it 10 years ago!
    I am sorry about your Uncle Fred. I hope things ease down for your mum soon but will be glad to see you when you can make it.

  8. You and your mom have a lot of your plate, Marv. We are so sorry about your Uncle Fred. Hugs♥

  9. I am sorry to learn about your uncle. Don't let your mom work too hard

  10. I’m sorry about your Uncle Fred, Marv. I hope things slow down for all of you…but thanks for checking in with all of us and letting us know what is going on. ~Ernie

  11. My condolencee on the loss of Uncle Fred.

    Your mother is very brave to do that much painting, i hope it's finished soon.

  12. ooh a diy project... how we wish to be there to help ya ;O)

  13. Ohhhh...The biped feels for your mom, Marv. We're sure the end result will be worth it, but the chaos, aching bones (thank Cod for Advil and Tylenol and pain rubs), mess...We understand! Good luck with that!

    We're sorry about the passing of your Uncle Fred, safe travels to your mom.

    We hope the work in the house will be done sooner than later (our bathroom reno was just completed on Monday) and that things will be back to rights and calm. Take care.

    Derry and the biped

  14. So sorry about your uncle. Good to hear from you so we know you all are doing fine. Good luck with the projects. Our mom is a type to get things done as fast as possible, but she would never tackle the projects your guys are. She would hire that out as she has no idea how to do all that stuff. Once it is done, you will all love it.

  15. We're glad to hear you are all doing well. Home renovation work, even if it's just painting, is never any fun. Our paws are crossed that your mom and Alex can finish it soon. We're sorry to hear about your Uncle Fred passing away, too.

  16. Looks like you better watch out you don't get painted inside Marv. Better to be outside in the open.

  17. Marv and all we are sorry for the passing of your Uncle. Safe travels to Mom and may Alex be on his best behavior while mom is away
    Hugs Cecilia

  18. Our older and more decrepit Mom wouldn't even attempt that!!! We're sorry your Uncle passed away . Make sure you take good care of your human brother while your Mom is away. We really don't understand why she hasn't eaten any of the wonderful gifts you've brought her.

  19. First off, what's a shrew? I'm gonna have to ax mr. google. Everything takes TW forever to do. If she goes to the corner store, she's gone all day. Life is an adventure when you're old, sickly and senile such as she is. Comforting purrz on your mom's loss.

  20. We have that exact same toy and we LOVE It, except that Benny always manages to get the ball out and then lose it! #1 bought a bunch of ping pong balls, but he loses each and every one!

    The Chans

  21. Sorry to hear about Uncle Fred! Now you've reminded me of just how much painting i need to do!

  22. I hate when the house is in disarray but it will be back to normal soon.

  23. Wow, busy stuff at your place! I am so sorry for your loss, hugs to all. You're lucky your Mom is finishing the painting, we gave up after chasing Cookie all over the place when she would stick her paw into the paint and try to lick it off - latex paint paw prints EVERYWHERE!

    1. Perhaps she is saving the shrews to make a pie. It would take several

  24. I have missed you Marv. I am sorry about your Uncle's passing. I wish I could get my hubby to help me declutter and paint. I bet your house is going to look amazing XO

  25. It is so nice to see you, Marv. It certainly does seem like things are a little topsy-turvy there right now. We bet itll look so good when Mom is done. We are very sorry to hear about Uncle Fred's passing, and are sending gentle purrs and prayers and love.

  26. We are so happy to have you as our friends and we love your garden.xx Mom & Spike.

  27. We are sorry to hear about your loss. Your mom is better than ours for even trying painting. This is not something she can do, and it isn't just because she is old! Lee and Phod

  28. I am sorry to hear your Uncle Fred passed away. Our sincere sympathy and hugs to all of you.
    Painting entire rooms is hard matter your age!

    Its good to hear from you all.

  29. Charlee: "Wow, what a big job that is for your mom! Too bad you can't just set off a paint bomb and have it splash the entire room and be done with it."
    Chaplin: "You should totally patent that idea."
    Lulu: "We're sorry to hear about your Uncle Fred. Our Dada's uncle passed away last month. His celebration of life is this coming Saturday and Dada has been working on the video for it that his cousins asked him to make."
    Java Bean: "Are we in the video?"
    Lulu: "I don't think so. But I've heard that Mama, Dada, Tucker, and a rat named Feathers all make at least one appearance."


This is soooooo exciting! We can"t wait to sees what you writessay to us!