Monday, February 1, 2021

Pet Horoscopes February 2-8, 2021


Cinnamon, my hairy slobbery sister felt we should write the horoscopes for all pets and not just cats! And being a multi-pet household, we agreed! 
You may not know exactly when you were born and what sign yous are, there are 2 ways you can pick the right sign. You can go to several horoscope sites and read the profiles to find which fits your pet. or you can use your Gotcha Day.

 Here are the scopes we have written for you for February 2 - 8, 2021, with your Purrsonal lucky day.

Aries (Mar. 21- Apr. 20)  As the week starts, let others know how you are feeling. You are extra energetic through to Wednesday. To top it off, you feel both creative and competitive! Mix things up and make them happen. Thursday through Saturday the details can get you down. Take a deep breath and take your time. Sunday and Monday you are charming and you get you what you want! Your purrsonal lucky day is Saturday! Maybe you get a new ball!.
Taurus (Apr. 21- May 21)  You are cranky and at the beginning of the week, other seem to upset you. Compromise if you want to have any fun at all. Later in the week, you love everyone. Share, it will make you feel even better! Use your magic and love generously. Late Saturday you have the zoomies and on Sunday and Monday try something new to shake up you boring routine! Its will be thrilling! Your purrsonal lucky day is Monday, something exciting caps off the week. 
Gemini (May 22-June 21)  You don’t feel your self, as the week begins. Conflicting demands make it difficult. By Wednesday, you are the center of attention! Your furblings and human(s) feel it too. On Thursday, through Saturday, you need to focus on the details of your life (like getting the toy from UTB), Through the weekend and Monday you have loads of of energy for taking on new things! Your purrsonal lucky day is Sunday. Cheese or another favorite tidbit is on the menu!
Cancer (June 22-July 22) Your week begins with a bang! You have loads of energy and others pitch in to help you accomplish anything you put your mind to. This carries you through the week—so don’t be shy about taking risks.  On Friday and Saturday focus on the details of small tasks. Be careful on the Sunday, you could have arguments with your furblings/Human(s). Deploy full-scale diplomacy on Monday. Your personally lucky day is Thursday. Both love and presents!
Leo (July 23-Aug 22) You are feeling the love as the week begins. Your warmth and sincerity can help others accomplish a lot and you can expect to receive that same support. Through Thursday, you are the center of attention! On Friday and Saturday, think about your long-term plans. On Sunday and through Monday it is all about your furrends. Go have some fun! Your purrsonal lucky day today (Tuesday)! Purrhaps you attend a Groundhog day pawty!
Virgo (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Its Groundhog Day, have a pawty! Have some fun! The group energy will rev you up and you are ready for anything! By Thursday, you can feel overcome by the details, but don’t be gloomy—you can get organized. By the weekend everything will click into place and make sense. You get a lot done this week! For the weekend, look for opportunities to get to know others better. Your purrsonal lucky day is Friday! The world is in your claws!
Libra (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Through Wednesday, others want you to take the lead. Be lavish with your confidence and ideas. On Thursday through Saturday, look for opportunities to hang out with friends. Try to get every one involved, it will bring you all together. On the weekend you are extraordinarily magnetic and spirited! Climbing, jumping, zoomies, you can do them all and you will be loved! Your purrsonal lucky day is Monday. You get your hearts desire.
Scorpio (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Do you know what you want? This week go after it. Tuesday (today) gives you the purrfect opportunity for achieving your desires (and maybe even dream up new ones). On Wednesday watch out for a power struggle. Towards the weekend, spend time with good friends. You will have fun and learn a secret! The weekend is the purrfect time to relax (and purrhaps work through a problem). Your purrsonal lucky day is Today, Tuesday! You get extra special treats!
Sagittarius (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Through Wednesday you are your happy-go-lucky self. Luck is on your side and you should take every wonderful risk that comes along. On Thursday through the weekend you need to be more cautious with others. Saturday, you become one with the universe and you have all the answers. All weekend and Monday you are loved! Your purrsonal lucky day is Saturday. The things you really want are yours!
Capricorn (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Through Wednesday, emotions could be running high. Your furrblings and/or human(s) could be argumentative. You will need your purrsonal calming skills to alleviate the stress! Toward the weekend you are in charge! You will earn applause, possibly from someone far away. On the week end you get a lot done even if you have trouble communicating with others. Your purrsonal lucky day is Sunday. You find something you lost.
Aquarius (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Through Wednesday, unpredictable events disrupt your routine. Then your current outlook changes! Don’t hesitate to seek out new experiences and take bold actions. Towards the weekend take special attention with details and competing agendas — especially anything that involves your bed or toys. On the weekend and through Monday, you may meet someone new (and learn something new, too). Your purrsonal lucky day is Wednesday. Something new makes you happy.

Pisces (Feb. 20-Mar. 20)  Celebrate the start of your week with something new—a new breakfast, a new friend, purrhaps a new hairball…But your week gets more difficult (through Thursday), as complications threaten. Keep your head down and resist getting swept up in the demands and dramas of your furblings or Human(s). Through Saturday, leap into action and don’t worry about having all the facts. On Sunday and Monday be calm, cool and collected. Your purrsonal lucky day is Friday. You get treats and cuddles.

What's in the Night Sky This Week

 Not in the night sky, but today is Groundhog Day in North America!   It derives from the Pennsylvania Dutch superstition that if a groundhog emerging from its burrow on this day sees its shadow due to clear weather, it will retreat to its den and winter will persist for six more weeks; but if it does not see its shadow because of cloudiness, spring will arrive early.

It is also Imbolc which was one of the most important festivals of the ancient Celts. It starts at sunset on February 1 and ends on February 2. It was a celebration of winter’s end and the emerging light half of the year.  The event marked the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.  

 Wednesday February 3, 2021 - The Moon reaches perigee — the closest point to Earth in its orbit — at 2:03 P.M. EST, when it will sit a mere 229,980 miles (370,117 kilometers) from our planet.  


Friday, February 5, 2021 - Moonless February evenings are the perfect time to look for the dim glow of the zodiacal light. This cone-shaped pillar of light is created when sunlight reflects off dust scattered throughout the plane of our solar system. To find it, you’ll need to start at a dark location with a clear western sky after sunset. Look first for the Milky Way’s glow, high up in Perseus and arcing through Orion, then stretching down toward the southern horizon. The zodiacal light will appear to stem from the western horizon, reaching up through Pisces and ending near Taurus.  These first two weeks are the month’s best for spotting this phenomenon, but its visibility will continue into March and April evenings as well — so don’t be discouraged if conditions aren’t right in your location just yet. 

Saturday February 6, 2020 - Venus passes Saturn (before sunrise) Look just above the east-southeastern horizon before sunrise for Venus positioned a short distance below (or 0.5 degrees to the celestial south of) much dimmer Saturn. Both planets will fit together in the field of view of binoculars or a backyard telescope (red circle) — but take care to put your optics away before the sun rises at about 7:30 a.m. local time. Observers living at southerly latitudes will see the planets much more easily, in a darker sky. Venus will be about twice as far from Saturn on the previous and following mornings. 

And, because we can, we are pawticipating in Comedy Plus' Happy Tuesday, You can click on the button to be taken to her site!



  1. Thank you for the horoscope. We can now prepare for our week. It is good to know the stars are guiding us.

  2. I checked my cat's horoscope characteristics and now think he must be an aries. I had always calculated his birthday for sometime in Feb., but aries fits him to a tee. Thanks for publishing these horoscopes, I really enjoy them.

  3. that sounds like a good month for leo's and virgo's... da Nelly still feels da love... for sardines in oil LOL

  4. I'm a Pisces and I'm happy to see I get extra cuddles on Friday! YAY!

    Hugs, Teddy

  5. I always check my own horoscope because hubby says he is sure I am part cat! It say today is my lucky day. I hope so because the last 3 Tuesdays have brought mild gallstone attacks.
    We have dark sky all around unless there is thick fog when it reflects the light from the nearest town in Cornwall. Nothing would be visible then anyway, so I will look out for the clear skies forecast from Friday night to try and see the Zodiacal light.

  6. Hari OM
    I do like to look out for astronomical events - I was unfamiliar with zodiacal light... I have a pretty clear south to west view... but not sure if the skies here are quite dark enough. If it is cloudless enough on Friday, I'll find out! YAM xx

  7. Precious is Sagittarius. She'll be glad to read her horoscope today. I enjoyed your post and here in Ohio I am sure the groundhog will not see his shadow. He won't even be able to dig his way out of the snow.

  8. Pet horoscopes! So clever. I don't know the birthday of either of my dogs. They are requesting pets. Love this idea! Happy groundhogs day!

  9. We will be extra energetic through Wednesday because on Thursday we gettin' big snow and bitter, bitter cold. Then we will be down because we will be stuck inside! We would have to say our horoscope made sense! ��������‍⬛��

  10. Thanks for this week's horoscope, Marv. And happy Groundhog's Day. I hope that hog didn't see his shadow. :) ~Ernie

  11. Looks like I'm gonna have a good week!

  12. I love Marv's pet horoscopes. It's only fair that our four legged babies get to know what kind of week they will have too.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Scritches all around and a hug to mom. ♥

  13. This human Capricorn loves this: You will need your purrsonal calming skills to alleviate the stress! In my case that means dark chocolate. Hugs and Happy Tuesday

  14. I must say that Aries is somewhat understated this week. I am energetic every day. Charming every day. And definitely get what I want every day. That is my life, that is me: June.
    So there!

  15. My Sammy is happy with his horoscope this week and his dad is going to love the night sky portion of this-nice addition. XO

  16. I'm Taurus and this week's horoscope sounds more like it should be for my Mum (she's a Cancerian).She's been cranky (but then she usually is, especially in the mornings).

  17. Thanks for the astronomy lessons! We will definitely look west as the sun sets-Cheers!

  18. I really like my horoscope for this week and I DO have loads of Zip Zipping energy! Love the fun of astronomy too

  19. Thanks for taking the time to share these horoscopes with us. Our two little ones at home who have the same month birthday will be happy with theirs. Have a great rest of your day.
    World of Animals Bensalem

  20. Maybe Ava will find one of her favorite toys that has been lost under the sofa. MOL. I will help her!

  21. Lee hopes she finds a lost mouse or something on Sunday.

  22. They've all been cranky with each other the past two days, so i am declaring everyone a Taurus for the week and telling them they better have a great weekend and get along!


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