Sunday, August 23, 2020

Selfie Sunday with Barb

Wes gotted Mom (Barb) to pose for the selfies this week!

Mom has not had too good a time, and she has feeled really down and out. Yesterday she checked the mails. There was a lovely card from the Canadian Cats Peoples and it had the lovely cat necklace she is wearing in it!  This wonderful gift has maded her feels so furry much better! Thanks yous Jean and Bill!

Now yous should goes and see all the other wonderful selfies on The Cat on My Head's Selfie Sunday post this week.


Click their Button to goes there!

Now wes is going to goes and does some visiting!


The K Clowder!



  1. Hi Barb and ALL at Cat-astropic (I hope Mrs H spelled that right as she's been at the sherry!) Great to see you all again, and yes, it seems to be far too long!
    My that is a great necklace, and a lovely selfie of you to start the week. Had we not been wrapped up in stuff we'd have seen you were all back and would have visited before. I mean, who would not want to visit such a great place!
    Purrs and purrs to our fab friends!

  2. We love seeing you Mom Barb and your necklace is very pretty! We hope the blahs pass soon and we're all sending you smoochies!

  3. Hidey Ho to your wonderful Mob Barb and so very nice to put a face with all her lovely words about her furries and the graphics she makes. Now she has a kitty next to her heart
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. OMCs MOM Barb not mob Barb.....1000 apologies
    Silly fingers are faster than my brain

  5. Happy Sunday!!!!
    That is a lovely necklace your mum got <3
    It's purrfect and looks pawsome.

  6. Barb our Dad feels down sometimes too and it takes time to pull out. We send you lots of purrs and prayers that you feel better

  7. You look wonderful Barb. And I love your necklace so sweet and perfect for a cat family mom. My mom feels down and out too sometimes. Tell Kozmo he can come straight over...we'll snuggle and rest... and he can leave the mousies as I am staking out another one!!!

  8. Purrayers to your Mom ! All the goings on make it easy to feel sad about things ! We know you kitties and Cinny are doing all you can to keep her feeling better, just as we are doing for our huMom

  9. That is a beautiful gift and lovely selfie of your mum.

  10. That is a lovely gift. Cat necklaces are the prettiest and the best.

    Hugs to Marv. (you are not meant to have faves but he's a little dude!)

  11. What a nice thing for the Canadian Cats (and their humans) to do for your mom. We hope it cheered her up. She took a good selfie too.

  12. It was so good to hear from you today. Thanks for visiting my bloggy! I know you're family has had a purrticulary challenging year and I have been thinking of you. Hugs.

  13. Hi, Miss Barb!
    That sure is a lovely necklace! What a thoughtful uplifting gift from your (our) friends.

    May you soon feel back into the swing of things.
    Love ya!
    Purrs and headbonks from Pipo, Woofs,wags & wiggles from the hooligans and hugs from Petcretary. ♥

  14. What a lovely and thoughtful gift! Lots of purrs to you.

  15. it is super sweet!!! and we love jean and bill for being such wonderful friends...

  16. It's a very cute gift ! Hope you will feel better, I am not in my shoes either with these lockdown rules, it's not a normal world anymore !

  17. Lovely selfie and necklace!

    Hope you feel better soon :)

  18. Ah your mama is still so very beauteous even though she has had the hardest of years. 2020 has been a cat-astrophe for efurry Human and kitty, but your poor mama has had more than her share. We hope that soon she will be freed of too many responsibilities and have time to relax and spend time with YOU! Queen Nellie needs to pop dwn from the Bridge and whisper some lovey words to her. XOXOXO

  19. Your Mom has been through a pretty hard times, but of course you are making sure she will feel a lot better soon!


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