Friday, August 21, 2020

Artsy Caturday with Koz August 22, 2020

 It's CATURDAY and wes doing ART!

We once again tooked a crappy photo and tried to turn it into something great! 

Here's the crappy picture

Its Mr Kozmo, standing in the window and yawning when he stands up!

And here it is after we does some manipulation and some artsy stuff and VOILA!

Wes is going to enter this in Athena the Cat Goddess Artsy Caturday!


Click on Athena's Button to goes and sees all the wonderful art!

Now wes is bummed out and wes has a cunumdrum...Marjorie of Dash Kitten  found another website using one of  our (Angel Nellie's) graphics. And she posted about it on FaceBook. This was a special graphic wes made for Earth Day April 22, 2013. The kitties in this graphic was all asked if theys wanted to pawticipate, wes did not use their pictures without their permission and wes sended the gif to each of them.

Now wes don't copyright our graphics and wes don't minds if others uses them, all wes has ever asked is that people tells us they is using them and writes on the page that it comes from us.

Now wes was a little distressed, so wes posted on their page that stealing somebody elses graphics was wrong. Wes then went to their website and posted in their comment form that wes was purrterbed and would like them to take it down or asks us if they could use it. 


Wes has had no answer from the Relax My Cat peoples.

What does yous peoples thinks wes should do (if anything)?

Kisses and Purrs

Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Angel Nellie

PS - I have been ruminating about this...I have been ruminating about loads of things this last year - with all that has happened, and I realize I have been seeing the "worst case" for everything. This has brought a lot of "worst case" stuff into my life. 

I need to start seeing the good side of everything again, rather than dwell on someone "taking something of mine" I will change the tone of my thoughts from negative to positive. I am not a victim but I am honoured that these people have chosen one of my (not so great) graphics to embody a thought they are trying to put forward. 



  1. I think making Kozmo a silhouette worked great!

    I finally found the graphic you mentioned - that is a big YouTube channel... but they used it on their Community page so it's kind of hidden. And it's an ugly graphic. Not sure what they were doing, using that graphic with stolen images. :-(

  2. Mr Kozmo looks great as a silhouette it looks as if he has a stained glass background, it's very cool.

  3. We love your art Kozmo! Sounds like a money making site, I'd find out who their host is and send them a copyright violation notice and take down request and copy their hosting service.

  4. We love Kozmo as Art and he is really sharp as a Traditional Black Cat. Toby is so Jealous.
    We started adding copyright notices to our page. Not sure if it will help but that is a cool graphic and you should have credit.

  5. We love how you can turn a bad photo into some pretty cool art!

  6. That came pawsome. Another winner by your mom.

    1. PS: I'd report it to YouTube. The music is prolly used without permission too.

    2. I am going to let go of it. I have been bringing enough negativity into my life and seeing what I think in print, has made me realize that in the scheme of things, this is not important. Friends like you are.

  7. That came out really good giving Kozmo a mosaic background.

  8. That is beautiful, looks like a masterpiece. I like your spin on what happened. It is wrong though and I hope they apologize. XO

  9. That art is fantastic- but the original picture is also lovely, not "crappy" at all!

  10. That art sure made Kozmo stand out!!

    I have seen som eof my 'cards' around the interwebs, too...its like well, lets just use them...Really? At least they should acknowledge that they are 'borrowed' and from where...but I would just likely block that site so as to keep them out of my stuff.


This is soooooo exciting! We can't waits to sees what yous writes!