Monday, August 31, 2020

Tickled on Tuesday!

 Today is 

At Comedy Plus
 and to shares happiness with yous wes is celebrating!
Has yous missed MARV JOKES? 
Wes missed telling them Now on to the show!
If you’ve seen Comic Relief, The Tonight Show, or An Evening At the Improv, well, these performers has also seen these shows. Our first comic is a REAL DOG!!!

Mommy MADE me do this!

OK...Our next comic is a legend in his own mind.
Yes, Mommy made ME do this TOO!

As for our next comedian, is she friendly? Yes. Intelligent? Yes. Working? No. 

I don't mind Mommy - if I can eat the cheese ...

Finally...the last comic has just finished his first movie. Right after the show he’s going to Netfix and watch another one!
Remember Cat Traps?

Wes gotta stage an intervention for Mommy!


Saturday, August 29, 2020

Last Sunday in August with Marv

It is Selfie Sunday and this week it Marv! Wes wants to thanks The Cat on My Head for doing all the work so wes can pawticipate! Yous knows what? Their post is about C.J.'s Belly! Yous can click on their button to goes to ther blog and see all the other pawticipants!

Now about Marv's Belly!!!

Mom and Alex was having coffee on the deck this morning and Marv jumped on the table and laid down!

 He said, "Mom,Alex, mes wants a belly rub!"

Mom said to Alex, "This could be dangerous...he has TEETH and CLAWS! I'm not doing it...YOU try!"

Alex did it any way....
Marv lasted about 3 seconds and the teeths showed and growls started!
Alex stopped the belly rubs.

Marv then jumped off the table, down to the steps and began to roll - Mom asked, "Why are you rolling?
Marv said, "To get the people stink off my furs!
5 minutes later, Mom went in the house and guess where Marv was...

 Sleeping in his new bed and purring!
Wes thinks he LIKES belly rubs...what does yous thinks?

Friday, August 28, 2020

Caturday Art with Nellie Bellie

 Wes been thinking about Queen Nellie a lot this week and wes thought wes would continues and does our Caturday Art with Nellie!

This from a photo of her taken in 2015, about a month before she gotted losted at Lassie Lake for a week! 

We are looking forward to seeing all the other great cat art at Athena Marie's Caturday Art!



Click on Athena's Button to goes and sees all the wonderful art!





Rainbow Remembrance Day

 Evfurry year, Deb Barnes of Zee & Zoey Cat Chronicles sponsors Rainbow Bridge Remembrance day.


Wes wants to celebrate our Queen!

This is a picture of Nellie in her Angel shirt!

During the last several months of her life, Nellie did gifts every Monday. 

This is one of our furrends Spitty and Katie with Nellie

Nellie and Cody! Cody went OTB recently and I bet him and her is watching over his Mom Caren today. 

This is a picture of Nellie and Sammy, wes sure they is visiting Teddy and Mom Pam today too!

And Nellie wanted this purrticular gift posted for our Mom.

And last, this is Nellie Bellie Face Timing us this morning! Now wes off to visit all our furrends!

Besides the Rainbow Bridge link up, wes pawticipating in the following:

Feline Friday at Comedy Plus

And flashback Friday!

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Marv and Cinnamon is Thankfuls (on Thursday)

 Hi Guys!

Wes just came from the Trout Taking Tabbies and theys (and us) was singing their Sing-A-Long Song! And theys wants Summer to goes away!!!

Well MARV is Thankfuls that it is summer!

Here is a picture of him being a puddle on the deck! He came up after chasing the mousies and after hes hadded a drink of water he "Gosh Mes thankfuls that its Summer" and melted. 

Cinnamon wanted to tells yous she is super thankfuls that she gets the best suppers in the world!

 But she is too  busy eating to talks! 

And Mom is thankfuls that she got her telescope to work properly (its electronic) and her and Alex was looking at the Moon! They put the cell phone camera over the eye piece and this was the pictures they took! 

It looks a little weird as the black part of the end of the telescope has cutted off part of the moon, but this was too cool to to share!
Wes also furry thanksful for our furrends. So many peoples has stopped by and welcomed us back to blogging! Wes has missed all yous guys! 
Wes is pawticpating in the Thankful Thursday Blog hop at Brian's Home!
Click on the button and yous will bes transported there immediately and yous can sees all the other pawticipants!


Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Wordless August 26, 2020



Wes is pawticipating in Wordless Wednesday! 

Click the Link to bes transported to Comedy Plus! 
Can yous guess the above story? 

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Selfie Sunday with Barb

Wes gotted Mom (Barb) to pose for the selfies this week!

Mom has not had too good a time, and she has feeled really down and out. Yesterday she checked the mails. There was a lovely card from the Canadian Cats Peoples and it had the lovely cat necklace she is wearing in it!  This wonderful gift has maded her feels so furry much better! Thanks yous Jean and Bill!

Now yous should goes and see all the other wonderful selfies on The Cat on My Head's Selfie Sunday post this week.


Click their Button to goes there!

Now wes is going to goes and does some visiting!


The K Clowder!


Friday, August 21, 2020

Artsy Caturday with Koz August 22, 2020

 It's CATURDAY and wes doing ART!

We once again tooked a crappy photo and tried to turn it into something great! 

Here's the crappy picture

Its Mr Kozmo, standing in the window and yawning when he stands up!

And here it is after we does some manipulation and some artsy stuff and VOILA!

Wes is going to enter this in Athena the Cat Goddess Artsy Caturday!


Click on Athena's Button to goes and sees all the wonderful art!

Now wes is bummed out and wes has a cunumdrum...Marjorie of Dash Kitten  found another website using one of  our (Angel Nellie's) graphics. And she posted about it on FaceBook. This was a special graphic wes made for Earth Day April 22, 2013. The kitties in this graphic was all asked if theys wanted to pawticipate, wes did not use their pictures without their permission and wes sended the gif to each of them.

Now wes don't copyright our graphics and wes don't minds if others uses them, all wes has ever asked is that people tells us they is using them and writes on the page that it comes from us.

Now wes was a little distressed, so wes posted on their page that stealing somebody elses graphics was wrong. Wes then went to their website and posted in their comment form that wes was purrterbed and would like them to take it down or asks us if they could use it. 


Wes has had no answer from the Relax My Cat peoples.

What does yous peoples thinks wes should do (if anything)?

Kisses and Purrs

Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Angel Nellie

PS - I have been ruminating about this...I have been ruminating about loads of things this last year - with all that has happened, and I realize I have been seeing the "worst case" for everything. This has brought a lot of "worst case" stuff into my life. 

I need to start seeing the good side of everything again, rather than dwell on someone "taking something of mine" I will change the tone of my thoughts from negative to positive. I am not a victim but I am honoured that these people have chosen one of my (not so great) graphics to embody a thought they are trying to put forward. 


Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Swimming at the Lake

We have had 97 fires start (most by lightening) in BC in the last 24 hours. The one up on Norwegian Mountain is out! (Thank Heavens) Here is the view of the mountain as Mom, Alex and Cinnamon left to go to Lassie Lake this morning

Lassie Lake was a favourite camping and fishing spot for the family. Those who used to read Nellie's Blog may remember when was she losted up there and spended almost a week living in the wild. Mom and Dad went up there evfurry day to looks for here and after 5 days, when they gotted up there, there she was, sitting on the picnic table and YELLED at Mommy and Daddy for leaving her there. 

The Table!
The Picnic table is still there!!!  This is the Lake on Google

And this is the lake from the blue dot

And who is in the lake?


She LOVES swimming (and chasing sticks)

She LOVES the lake and that it was cool up there too! About 10 degrees less than down in Midway.

    `Happy Wednesday!!

Purrs Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Angel Nellie