Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Marv and Cinnamon is Thankfuls (on Thursday)

 Hi Guys!

Wes just came from the Trout Taking Tabbies and theys (and us) was singing their Sing-A-Long Song! And theys wants Summer to goes away!!!

Well MARV is Thankfuls that it is summer!

Here is a picture of him being a puddle on the deck! He came up after chasing the mousies and after hes hadded a drink of water he "Gosh Mes thankfuls that its Summer" and melted. 

Cinnamon wanted to tells yous she is super thankfuls that she gets the best suppers in the world!

 But she is too  busy eating to talks! 

And Mom is thankfuls that she got her telescope to work properly (its electronic) and her and Alex was looking at the Moon! They put the cell phone camera over the eye piece and this was the pictures they took! 

It looks a little weird as the black part of the end of the telescope has cutted off part of the moon, but this was too cool to to share!
Wes also furry thanksful for our furrends. So many peoples has stopped by and welcomed us back to blogging! Wes has missed all yous guys! 
Wes is pawticpating in the Thankful Thursday Blog hop at Brian's Home!
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  1. Marv and Cinnie definitely look thankful. And how exciting that Mom and Alex got the telescope working again! The moon photo is amazing!

    We are so grateful to have you back blogging again, sweet friends. Hugs!

  2. wow that are super interesting photos... have you seen da man in da moon too?

  3. Wow, that is a cool photo of the moon! I hope nobody wants me to go away... OH, you were talking that OTHER summer!

    I'm glad you guys are back again too!

  4. Right now its so hot and humid here, we want the summertime to get over and done for the crisp pleasant days of early autumn...I wish Benji would eat hearty like you, Cinnamon...

    Dalton gobbles food like a vacuum, BOL!

    Pipo nibbles all day long, even at his wet noms...well, at least he IS eating:)

    Cool moon image!!

  5. We are getting so much rain every day, and storms too. We would be glad to see summer here. When the heatwave was it mostly missed us and we got two days!
    That is a really great photo of the moon.

  6. We are happy summer is ending as it is our least favorite time of year. The heat and humidity make it miserable so many days.

  7. Hi! I'm glad you are blogging, what a bunch of cuties! I'm not so sure I agree on the summer thing, but I know the kitties love the sun puddles!

  8. Our Summer has been too darn hot Marv. Enjoy those yums Cinnamon. It's cool to see the moon up close like that! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  9. Stay with us, Marv and Cinnamon and Kozmo and Jo-Jo. Please. LOVE the pictures and good for you for looking at the moon thru a telescope. That is THE most fun of all.

  10. total lee awesum lee kewl iz that foto oh de moon !!! grate cap sure bye mom...

    hay....iz that a wee bit oh cheeze ther in de korner :) !! ☺☺♥♥

  11. That's a lot of good stuff to be thankful for! We are very thankful that you guys are blogging regularly again!

    Purrs and Woofs,
    Tama, Genji and Ollie

  12. Nice thankfuls. That is a cool shot of the moon. XO

  13. Poor Marv is nearly gone, like the wicked witch when Dorothy poured the water on her! But we'll take his word for it that he enjoys melting--we must respectfully disagree however!!! Fortunately, melty days here in SF are few and far between.

    What's in Cinnamon's bowl? Cause I might want some too if it is really the bestest supper, right?

    Finally, that moon picture is amazing! Our first thought is you *know* there haven't hardly been no Humans there cause it looks so very CLEAN, ha ha meow!

    We are among those who are super happy to see you blogging again XO

  14. Wow double WOW the moon shot amazing...
    We have triple digit heat index here today 102. bah humbug
    2020 just keeps on being a big meanie.
    I say ditto to the happy to see you back blogging again
    Hugs Cecilia

  15. You guys have much to be grateful for. I wonder if Marv remembers the summer heat in Iran?


This is soooooo exciting! We can't waits to sees what yous writes!