Friday, June 21, 2024

National Selfie Day and The Summer Solstice!



Selfie Day! 

Taking a selfie predates social media, smartphones, and the word itself (which is now in the Oxford Dictionary), the popularity of taking these self-portraits keeps increasing. AND taking them gets easier all the time. I have to admit that Selfie Sunday at the Cat On My Head has been around a long time so we have had a whole bunch of practice! Just look at the one Cinnamon and me took at Lake Louise! Mom took a picture of us while we were taking it so we thought it was PURRFECT for the Selfie Day Badge!

Leave us a comment and we will stop by and see yours!

Summer Solstice

 The Summer Solstice has been celebrated by Peeps for thousands and thousands of years and this year (as we do every year), Mom will celebrate the longest day of the year by taking a walk barefoot in the morning dew --it actually is a May Day ritual, but quite often in the mountains where we live, its too cold! So mom does it on the solstice!

If the sun is shining, she will have at least a half hour sun bath when the sun is at its highest! And if she can, she will make a flower crown! Usually Cinnamon is the one who wears it. 

And she makes rock mandalas in the garden


Starting from when Nellie Bellie was still writing Mom painted some rocks with mandalas for furrends. And she thinks she will do more this year (if she has time, a new young dog means that 2 dogs get walked separately so Mom does not get all tangled up, Dolly is still learning how to walk on a leash properly). If she does, I will take some selfies with them!

 Speaking of new young dogs, here is a shot of Cinnamon and her new protegee playing Ball with Mom!

Please tell us if you guys do anything special on the solstice! 

Keep being AWESOME guys!



  1. Hari Om
    How wonderfurs to see you all and read about your own soltice practice. I simply revel in the long evening light and the very early dawn. Who needs sleep anyway?! Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Loved/loved/loved the very special "selfie" badge ... and your mandala's are so beautiful. Happy, happy to all!

  3. My only plan for the solstice is to go to the dentist. It's not a ritual I want to start.

  4. Those are both lovely badges. I hope Dolly is settling in well.

  5. Truth be told, I never even heard of or new what Summer Solstice was until I started blogging and people talked about it like it is a holiday. All I know is summer is my least favorite of all seasons and ours did not start today but started in April when we had to turn on the AC for the first time ever and today was so hot when we walked, we were walking so slow it was like we were not moving. last night at 5 pm we were at 102 in the back yard. Hurry winter. and I love short days not long ones. I think being raised in the hot and humid south no one ever wanted to celebrate the beginning of summer. I love the badge and I love seeing Cinnie and Dolly together... I can't imagine trying to train Dolly and have another leash to handle.

  6. Marv, this year on Solstice we are just sweatin'. It is 10 degrees above norm and we are not happy indoor campers! Lynn will not let me out in the afternoons. But I go out at 6 AM when it is still dark and watch fur my chipmunk. He always alludes me. The painted rock is purrty. Lynn does that in the winter sum times.
    Happy Safe Summer, Precious

  7. guyz..knot onlee iz yur momz art werk way soooper awesum lee kewl, sew iz de mandala her
    made ‼️eye am sell a bratin inn side N dreemin bout fizh đŸ„”đŸ„”đŸ„”đŸŸđŸ’šđŸ’™

  8. Java Bean: "Ayyy, you can't go wrong with playing ball! And the solstice means plenty of daytime to do it in, sĂ­?"

  9. Usually we enjoy being outside on this super long day, but the weather has been too hot to spend time in the yard. We love your selfie!

  10. Cinny and Dolly what a lovely selfie and very nice to meet you Dolly
    Marv as always looking most handsome.
    All we'll do for summer solistice is stay inside. It is hot hot hot here and the next 5 days even hotter.
    Oh we are having homemade apple pie for lunch. My sister in law and Bryan's brother will be here to share at 1 pm..Good way to celebrate solistice I say. Maybe we can make it a tradition
    Thank you for all the lovely event badges...just purrfect
    Hugs Cecilia

  11. Such a fun post gang and it's nice to see that the two pups enjoy each other. Happy Summer everyone!!!

  12. Mom didn't do anything special today. Those rocks are pawsome.

  13. It was TOO hot here to do much of anything, esp outside! When I came home from my work after 10pm, there was still a wee bit of light in the western sky...I could see the clouds! And the full moon was up in the east!

  14. We really enjoyed this post, guys! Keep them up!

    Purrs and Woofs,
    The Chans and Ollie

  15. Those badges are super special, and we love the mandala Mom painted on that rock! It was so hot here that we did not do much for the solstice. Oh, we did go to the beach in the early evening, so we guess that's something!

  16. We don't do anything special on the solstice, but We do enjoy reading about some of the customs associated with it.

  17. We hope your summer is off to a great start! Lee and. Phod


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