Thursday, December 23, 2021

The Most Wonderful Night of the Year, Fill-ins with Mom and Feline Friday with Kozmo

Furrst Happy Christmas Eve!

 The Friendly Fill-ins

This week, we are making our Mom do the fill-ins. Christmas Day is also Mom's Birthday and we don't listen to her that often, so this is our Christmas Gift to her!

The Friendly Fill-ins are written by 15 and Meowing (the first 2) and the second two are written by Four-Legged Fur Balls! We hope you enjoyed learning about Kozmo as much as we love learning about you dear furrends!  You can click on the buttons to be magically taken to 15 and Meowing and the Four-Legged Furrballs blogs!

1. ___________________________ is my Christmas wish for you.


2. I still need to _________________ by Christmas.

I still need to put out Santa's Cookies by Christmas and watch Cookie Monster tell the Night Before Christmas!


3. T'was the night before Christmas and _________.

T'was the night before Christmas and Santa rides on the local fire truck and visits every home in the village and leaves Candy Canes for everyone!
Alas, we found out today he can't because new restrictions have come down from the BC Government because of the Omicron variant. 

4. If I were Santa, I would want someone to leave me a plate full of _________ on Christmas Eve.

If I were Santa, I would want someone to leave me a plate full of Mince Tarts on Christmas Eve. I LOVE mince tarts!

America and Canada give Santa Cookies and Milk but he gets other things in other countries. After departing North America, Santa is treated to different gifts and treats around the world. In Australia and the United Kingdom, kids leave out sherry and mince pies. Swedish kids leave rice porridge. And Santa can expect an even greater surprise in Ireland upon his arrival: a pint of Guinness.
My Dad is from England, so at our house growing up we left him mince tarts. When I got married and had kids, my Sons' Dad and I started Cookie Monster and Cookies on Christmas Eve.

Now for the Feline on Friday!

This is a photo of Mr Kozmo letting Mom know that it is time for his "Special Treats".  We are lucky. Mom always makes sure there is enough for all of us before she even starts to give Kozmo his. We each have our own special spot and we don't get ours if we are not in it! 

We are  pawticipating In Comedy Plus' Feline Friday! Sandee has terrific blog hops and we love to pawticipate! Click the button to be magically taken to Feline Friday at Comedy Plus! 


  1. Hari OM
    Mighty fine fill-ins again - and oh yes, gotta put out those mince pies!!! Have a wonderfurs eve... hugswagswhiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Those are fun fill ins!! Sorry the firemen can't deliver their candy canes...phooey. That virus has NO Christmas spirit.

    Enjoy the mince pies:)
    We watch the progress of the Santa Sleigh at the NORAD site.

    And I stll have to wrap up all the presents...sigh...

    Happy Early Birthday to YOU, Barb! ((((( ♥ You are a real gift! ♥ )))))

  3. Mince tarts, eh? I've never had them, but they surely look yummy.
    Kozmo, you look fierce.
    Meowy Catmas!

  4. we love the christmas truck, even without candy canes ... have a wonderful christmas!!!

  5. What WONDERFUL fill-ins and Mom made a mincemeat pie yesterday for Christmas Day dinner. We think it's incredibly SPECIAL your Mom's birthday is Christmas - we hope tomorrow is DOUBLE WONDERFUL for you as you celebrate the holiday and your Mom's special day. We love all of you and appreciate your friendship - here's to a MUCH BETTER new year!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom too

  6. Lovely fill ins. Yes it was always mince pies and Sherry. I have a sneaking suspicion that my nan got to the sherry before Father Christmas. Don't worry, she wouldn't have minded me saying that! Happy birthday to your mum for tomorrow.

  7. Dad's not from England, but says he loves things like those mince tarts (mom says "yuck!"- her loss). He's actually from I'lleatanythingland. Anyhoo, your Christmas wishes are lovely, the firetruck is way cool, and Kozmo's artiness is fabulous. Merry Christmas to you, and stay warm and safe.

  8. Happy birthday to your mom, Marv. What a fantastic blog today. I love the fire truck my husband is a retired firefighter. Sorry about that neighborhood candy canes. But Santa will still come to every home bringing Kitty treats. Make sure you're snuggled up in your furry beds and keep your eyes closed until Santa has come down the chimney and gone back up. Have a very merry furry Christmas.

  9. Merry Christmas Eve to you all. May your wishes come true and Santa stop and deliver all you have asked for. May your Christmas be Merry and Bright.

  10. What fun to be here, we just might have to stop back by a few more times today! We are quite curious about Santa, wondering if when he arrives in Ireland, he is tempted to stick around a lot longer ... the "treat" set out there must be his favorite!

  11. Happy Birthday to Mom! I bet the special treats were good! Enjoy!

  12. Have a safe and blessed Merry Christmas! :) <3

  13. Merry Christmas Eve to your entire household..Well I'll be a kitty's auntie...I did not know Mom's bday was on Christmas...give her some extra sugar
    Hugs cecilia

  14. Those are great fill-ins. We enjoyed watching the Cookie Monster video, too. Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  15. great idea on everyone in their spot. Beau says to tell you he is the only one here and all the spots in the house are his... sorry the firetruck can't visit. bob loves mince, he is from the north, my southern self doesn't eat it. that is good though because my IBS will not let me. these look so good I might like them.. Happy Birthday tomorrow. My grandaughter will be 36 tomorrow, she was born on Christmas day at 3 pm. 1986. is that the right math?

  16. My mom loves mince pie and tarts but sadly, she's the only one who does. Boy, do they ever look yummy! Happy Birthday to your mom and Merry Christmas Eve!

  17. Love your fill-ins and I took several of the minced tarts. Love them. Hubby makes them with half mince and half pumpkin. Those are good too.

    You better get Mr. Kozmo what he wants or else. Cute.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Scritches all around, a smooch to Marv and a big hug to you. ♥

  18. Those tarts look extra yummy! Happy Christmas!

  19. Oh what fun Xmas jokes and delightful photos and fill ins ~ Xo

    Merry Christmas to You,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  20. Charlee: "Merry Christmas!"
    Chaplin: "Or Christmas Eve, as the case may be!"

  21. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I love your Christmas wish. The mince tarts look good. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. XO

  22. I hope you didn’t have to wait long for those treats, Kozmo. Those jokes are funny.

  23. Those were fun fill-in answer and so interesting about what Santa gets across the globe. Merry Christmas Eve gang!

  24. We enjoyed every single part of this post. Mom Barb sure did a great job with the fill-ins, especially #1! Hey, Koz, you sure are a smart mancat, positioning yourself to get your special treats. :)

    Merry Christmas Eve, dear friends! XO

  25. Merry Christmas all of you! And Kozmo...see you soon! I have a new tunnel! XXX

  26. Thank you for the jokes. Mince tarts sound good, and Santa might want to leave Ireland for last so he can go home and sleep after all that Guinness!

  27. Heh heh! I hope Santa visits us before he drank all that Guiness. Pop loves mince pies but no bakies or stores sell them in our hood. He actually found one in the supermarket this year.

  28. I can hear Cookie Monster's voice in my head. :D That's very sweet how you all find your places at treat time. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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