Thursday, November 18, 2021

Friendly Fill-ins and Friday Felines

 Kozmo does the Friendly Fill-Ins

It seems like it is Kozmo Week! And in keeping with that, the Friendly Fill-ins are all Kozmo! 

1. I am thankful for ______________, _____________________ and ________________________.

I am thankful for YEOWWW Nip Nanners, YEOWWW Nip Fish and YEOWWW Nip Crayons

2. I look forward to eating ________________ on Thanksgiving.

 I look forward to eating Turkey at Katie Isabella's on Thanksgiving!  I hope her Mom does not mind... 

3. I didn’t realize _________ until _________.

I didn't realize how much fun Nellie was until I was looking at old pictures and I found a photo of me and Nellie stuffing the Turkey for Thanksgiving 8 years ago! Sometimes I miss her.

4. There’s no shame in _________.

There is no shame in NOT SHARING my YEOWWW Nip Crayon with my bratty little brother!
The Friendly Fill-ins are written by 15 and Meowing (the first 2) and the second two are written by Four-Legged Fur Balls! We hope you enjoyed learning about Jo Jo as much as we love learning about you dear furrends!  You can click on the buttons to be magically taken to 15 and Meowing and the Four-Legged Furrballs blogs!


Now for Feline Friday!

I blow you kisses

We are  pawticipating In Comedy Plus' Feline Friday! Sandee has terrific blog hops and we love to pawticipate! Click the button to be magically taken to Feline Friday at Comedy Plus! 



  1. oooh what a wonderful event... we would love to stuff a turkey... but we are not sure if the staff will like it...

  2. Oh Kozmo what fun you and Angel Nellie had getting the turkey ready for Thanksgiving dinner all that years ago. Great picture of you both. If you go to visit Katie Isabella for Thanksgiving you might have to share your nippy Nanner with her. But I'm sure you wouldn't mind doing that. Precious says to tell Marv thanks for the kisses that he's sharing today.

  3. I can always count on you for early am laughs out loud.. stuffing the turkey is hilarious.. I think I am picking up what you are putting down.. You, the Kozmo, love all things NIP

  4. Great fill ins, Kozmo. Flynn always said Yeowww nip was the best. That looked like fun stuffing the turkey with Nellie. Handsome portrait, Marv.

  5. Hey kitty, great fill ins. Love the stuffing the turkey photo, it made us laugh!

  6. NELLIE Bellie! YES! And look at you and Kozmo! Hey Kozmo, it is an actual truth that mommy is making a LOT of turkey for Thanksgiving. Mom always minces some of the breast mean for me and all the ones who came before...And there is PLENTY to share. I have a beautiful bowl on the larger side, so we can have our turkey together. Want a few kernels of corn? I have a new Yeoww catnip ball. We'll play!

  7. That is too funny to see you and Nellie stuffing the turkey, Kozmo☺

  8. We enjoyed reading all your fill-ins, Kozmo. You kitties sure do love your nip toys.

  9. Love your fill-ins. You made me smile.

    I love the shots of Marv, but you knew I would.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. Scritches all around, a smooch to Marv and a big hug to mom. ♥

  10. I'm blowing kisses right back at ya! Happy Friday! :) <3

  11. Oh Kozmo good job on filling in the blanks....also we loved that photo of you and Nellie stuffing the turkey! She could make EVERYTHING and ANYTHING more fun!! That last photo of Marv is very cool - love how his nose fur is in cool little patterns from the art effect.

    Hugs, Teddy

  12. Kozmo, is there a late night show in the offing? We're rolling 'round with our laughing ...

    As for todays art: indeed, as was once said here, MARV is MARVELOUS!

  13. Kozmo YEOWWW R U!!
    Have fun at Katie Isabella's
    Marv kisses back at'cha
    Hugs Cecilia

  14. Kozmo ~ a delight and not sharing sometimes is good ~ wonderful post, photos and fill ins ~ Xo

    Living in the moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  15. hank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers Kozmo. I am going to to get my cats some of those
    crayons for Christmas. I don't blame you for not sharing though. I enjoyed your photos and the one of handsome Marv. XO

  16. Thanks for the smiles. :D And Happy Autumn!

  17. I’m with you, Kozmo. I love anything Yeowww. ~Ernie

  18. Those were fun and good answers and that is some handsome portrait Marv!

  19. Great job on the fill-ins, i don't blame you for not wanting to share such a cool toy.

  20. Those Yeowww!! nip toys are the best. Amazingly handsome pic of Marv too! of course you're handsome too Koz!


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