Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Poetry and Question and we are THANKFUL!

 Hi Guys! I THINK we are sort of back to normal.  Mom was not around much for 4 days this past week. She left the house early in the morning and did not come home until way past everyone's regular bed time. Cinnamon and us cats had our suppers really late on Friday and Monday (Alex works the late shift) and Mom did not get home until around 10 pm. We were not too happy. 

I, Marv, layed on Mom while she had coffee before she left every morning and I held onto her leg (Yes, I used claws) and tried to keep her home, but it did not work. Then she had meetings yesterday and was gone almost all day and in the evening too. We were not amused. She tells us she has one more day, next week.

She was home today and I have laid on her even more than I used to in Richmond. Cinnamon is laying on her, Jo Jo is laying on her and so is Kozmo! 

Poetry Thursday!

Yes! We are participating in Teddy's Angel Brother Sammy's Poetry Thursday at Two Spoiled Cats

If you would like to read more of the poems about this picture, click on Sammy's button and look in the comments for the people who are participating! Following is the inspirational image we wrote our poem about.

We went fishing to pass the day
It will be fun, or so they say.
Sitting on the  bank I wished
That I had never said I'd fished!
Where we are there is no 'net
I can't use my phone - I got it wet.
I wanna go home but Dad say No!
Gosh the time goes by so slow...

Merle Update and a Question

Merle avoiding Mom

We have a question to ask. It is for our feral buddy Merle who lives in our furrend Mary's shed. Some of you take care of feral cats. Our winters do get cold, sometimes for a few weeks we get really cold. We are wondering if any of you know of a solar powered heater or blanket that can be used to to keep the sleeping quarters warm. Currently we do have a couple of layers of insulation but would love to add a heat source. We are looking for something solar for safety reasons and that it is difficult to get power to Merle's preferred living location.

Thankful Thursday

Me, holding Mom down

I am thankful that things are (sort of) back to normal! I really missed Mom!

We are thankful for all the bloggers who host the hops! We are thankful for Ms Ann at Zoolatry who does the incredible graphics and badges and we are also thankful for our blogging furrends! Thanks for visiting us! And thank you for your comments! We Love you all! Now you can click on Brian's Thankful Thursday button to go to Thankful Central


  1. We sure hope you are back to normal. We loved you poem.

  2. Hari OM
    That's quite the ecelctic post today - well done Marv and krew for letting mum know that you need her with you and none of this gallivanting about!!! (Though watch those claws - they don't win brownie points or chin chucks...) Hugs and whiskeries YAM-aunty xxx

    Barb - Solar in the winter? That could be a challenge, as the cold definitely affects the productivity. You can get portable power... but it is not cheap... (look up Jackery portable power stations). You can charge those up from the mains then just have it down wherever and power a blanket. (The solar panel is an additional cost.) As much as I admire the desire, is this what is really required for a stray? Just put old towels or blankets, maybe form some of them into straw or hay pillows.

  3. How about using a hot water bottle, well covered,and renewed multiple times. I think there are also some kind of self heating sheets, they reflect back the bodies own warmth, and I have seen those at sporting/camping/survival stores/sites. I think straw is the better insulator, because if towels/blankets get wet/damp they could chill and not have the desired effect at all.

  4. that's how it would end here too... and a wet phone would probably include a wet mama too ;O)

  5. Wish we had an answer to your question - we know there are those "heating sheets" like Miss Ingrid mentioned in her comment but a power source? Not familiar with one. We have a cat house we put on the front porch in the winter which has an electric heating pad - it is "well used" by our visiting kitties. We hope your Mom will STAY HOME more Marv and gang!!

    Hugs, Teddy

  6. We hope your mom has learned her job for the upcoming election. We know how important the elections can be for the rest of our countries. And as far as holding her down I think it would have taken a lot more than the four of you at one time. We humans have a way of jumping up on two legs taking our arms and shaking everything off. I love the poem and the picture of the boy fishing and I wonder if that's your human brother.

  7. Gosh I read each one of the comments (I always do anyway) to see if anyone had a viable solution for Merle. I am hoping really hard that something can be done that works. Marv, I love seeing your look of joy at having your mom home. True. And Kozmo. Ooo la laaaaaaaaa!
    Katie Isabella

  8. And wow, the claws stuck in her leg didn't keep her home?
    What's wrong with her?!?
    For our ferals, we purchased a warming pad, rated for outdoor use. It only warms a little bit, but inside an insulated cat shelter, filled with straw, it really did the trick.
    Here in Michigan, we don't use any fabric, because wet paws can freeze to fabric when it gets cold enough...and it gets plenty cold here. Hence, straw.

  9. That was a good poem and great thankfuls. I don't know of any solar powered heating pads for pets either. You might read this and maybe someone up there cold help build it:

    Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  10. i am sorry to hear your Mom must be away and leave all of you home alone, one more day and you will be back to normal.. we have our paws crossed that will happen. hope someone can help with the Merle question. tell mom to do a google search about it, IF she gets time. that is my go to for all things. the poem fits my feelings, my dad loved to fish, the rest of the family hated it. but that is what we all did per king of the house DAD

  11. We like your poem. Not everyone can enjoy waiting for a fish to pull on your line and most of the time you just throw it back anyway. Sorry to hear your mom is gone so much but it's good to hear she will resume regular service soon.

  12. I nearly fell out of my chair when I read:
    "Where we are there is no 'net
    I can't use my phone - I got it wet."
    Thank you for the giggle. I'm glad Mom is home.
    Hugs Cecilia

  13. I used to have days in which I worked 3 pm to 3am. Blah! Fortunately Dad is retired and Chester is rarely left alone in the house.

    The poem was great! People could all use time away from their phones!

  14. You poor babies, home alone all that time! It happens from time to time, and it sounds like you've all forgiven her and are snuggling. My kitties won't snuggle after I leave them for a good amount of time. I have a friend who uses those hand warmers in her feral area - but that can be expensive I think as it is only a one use kind of thing.

  15. You did your best to keep mom down, but moms have so many responsibilities. I know you know that. Your mom is the very best.

    Here's a link to insulated cat shelters.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches all around, a smooch to Marv and a big hug to mom. ♥

  16. We figured that Brian would have some good advice for your ferals!

    We know all about our #1 being away... sigh... and she is going away again this weekend. Can you believe that?

    Tama and Benny

  17. Sorry your Mom had to be away! Hopefully a way can be found to keep Merle warm. Straw is the best insulator for bedding, as others have said. Cheers and meows from the kitties and me.

  18. Glad your mom is home more now, good try with the claws. :) Merle is so handsome, I wish he could have a real home. Nice poem. XO

  19. It's not easy when the people have to suddenly work so much.

    There are some types of blankets that reflect your own heat back to you, perhaps you could look for something like that.

  20. Your mom needs to stay home with you guys! Having timely meals is important. ;) As far as keeping Merle warm, there are pads that heat when the cat lies on them. I don’t know if that is something that would work for Merle. ~Ernie

  21. I try to hold on to my mom's leg too. I don't have claws but I have wicked determination.

  22. Hugs, my dear. Best wishes to you and your outdoor friends.


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