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Weekly Pet Horoscopes - May 4-10, 2021

May the Fourth Be With You!


Hey, KOZMO! What kind of car does a Jedi drive?

A Toy Yoda!

I think he hissed at Darth Vader!

Now on to the Horoscope!

If you don't know what sign your pet is, click this link to the Farmer's Almanac's Pet Zodiac Traits page, This page explains the different traits for pets born under each zodiac sign. If you already know when your pet was born, it is fun to see if your pet’s sign seems true. If you would like a Birthday Horoscope for your pet, send us an email and we will try to get it done for you!

 Here are the horoscopes we have written for you for May 4-10 2021, with your Purrsonal lucky day.

Aries (Mar. 21- Apr. 20) Tuesday is a stay-inside-your-shell kind of day. Wednesday and Thursday see you marching boldly forward, introducing yourself to strangers, eating strange food, and generally adventuring. On Friday and Saturday you slow down, but Sunday you'll stretch your legs again. Monday, you and your owner are on the same wavelength. Be clear about what you want before you make even the slightest peep, yowl, growl or howl. Your purrsonal lucky day is Monday. Extra treats and extra LOVE! 
Taurus (Apr. 21- May 21) Today, emotions are intense. Wednesday and Thursday, practice being the purrfect pet but be modest! Don't take your family for granted. Make sure you remind them how much they mean to you. On Friday you are happy and so is your family. This will last through the weekend. Monday, you feel like you woke up in a Garfield cartoon! Hang on, its only a lingering dream! Your purrsonal lucky day is Saturday! You get the attention you deserve.

Gemini (May 22-June 21)  You're observant of your surroundings, you are a detective. Wednesday is a great day, your attitude is everything. Thursday sees you probing deeply. On Friday you have more questions than answers and Saturday there are no new discoveries, but on Sunday, someone says something that suddenly makes a week's worth of clues come together. You find yourself influenced by someone else at the start of next week. Your purrsonal lucky day is Wednesday! It’s Cinco De Mayo! Don’t eat too many natchos!
Cancer (June 22-July 22) You need to make sure you have enough time to hang out on your own and listen to yourself. Your deeper mind is trying to tell you something, and it's important you hear it! Wednesday life settles, but don’t be ambitious, do something for yourself. Being social isn't appealing on Thursday but love is! Friday and Saturday are days to lay around but on Sunday you need to be flexible! Monday, go for ideas not actions. Your purrsonal lucky day is Thursday. Maybe special treats along with the sun puddles! 
Leo (July 23-Aug 22) Tuesday, is boring, but Wednesday and Thursday are the exact opposite! They are fiery, fun, cruising-down-the-highway-with-the-top-down days, full of excitement and distractions. Friday and Saturday, are more of the same. Sunday is all about you and your Human(s). Monday you snuggle and play and really enjoy your furblings and human(s). Your purrsonal lucky day is Monday! Your human(s) brings out the best in you with their love!

Virgo (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23)  You feel like a puppy/kitten today and you can take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself, it's a good day to act on impulse. Mid-week you are a genius, but some forces (furblings?) are going to try to prevent you from making good on your genius. Friday and Saturday be creative with your whims and on Sunday be open to anything. Monday is a new week and a new direction it's the same road, just with a different attitude. Your purrsonal lucky day is Thursday! Something that is soft and cuddly will be at your disposal.
Libra (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23)  Sometimes your energy makes you feel like a million and today all you want to do is relax and enjoy it! The humans in your life feel energized just from being around you today and tomorrow. Thursday to Saturday find you a bit down, but being with your human on Sunday makes you happy! No matter what you feel like on Monday, the day is going to be fun! Be outrageous! Do something new! Your purrsonal lucky day is Monday! Treats, treats and more treats.   
Scorpio (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Today pay attention or you could say yes to something you'd rather say no to. You feel connected to your human(s) and they feel connected to you, every day this week. On Thursday you find yourself doing things you wouldn't normally do. Friday and Saturday everyone is in a great mood. Problems might arise Sunday, be open-minded. Monday tension around the house may explode, but don’t take it seriously. Your purrsonal lucky day is Thursday. Life is sweet!  
Sagittarius (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21)  Whatever you want, you can get today! Your energy is just right and any feline/canine goal is within reach! Show off! Wednesday, everything gets better and stays that way. Thursday is HAPPY, too. Friday is an interesting day -- and Saturday, not doing so is a much better plan. Communication and creativity define Sunday. Monday is a great day to communicate with your human(s). Good Luck! Your purrsonal lucky day is Sunday. Something you lost is found!
Capricorn (Dec 22.- Jan. 20)  You feel a little distracted and restless today. It's a good day to explore and to chat with every human and furbling you encounter.  Certain things might not seem possible on Wednesday or Thursday, but they are if you keep trying. Keep your emotions in check though. Friday and Saturday are wonderful, and Sunday finds you happy. No matter how much you try to make Monday go your way, it's just going to be a crazy day. Take a passive role. Your purrsonal lucky day is Sunday. Something magical happens.
Aquarius (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) You feel totally engaged with your human(s) today and all you want is hang out and nap and play. Your energy will help them with their stress. You can relieve more of this stress on Wednesday or Thursday by playing with them! Friday and Saturday keep your head down and get your pet things done. Sunday? You feel brilliant and attractive. Your excitement is infectious on Monday. Your purrsonal lucky day is today, Tuesday! Cuddles, play and a new toy! 

Pisces (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) You may be even more freaked out than normal today, find somewhere peaceful to snooze. Even if you don't come out all day, it's worth it! Pay attention on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday you are surrounded by friends that there's very little chance anyone would be able to sneak up on you, and Saturday (an easy day) and Sunday (a stimulating day) are fun. Next Monday, lots is running through your mind, it's hard to see straight, so focus on one thing and do it well. Your purrsonal lucky day is Thursday! A new wand toy or a ball are yours!
This is the 21th Week of Writing the horoscopes

What's Happening in the Sky This Week

Tuesday/Wednesday May 6th/7th, 2021 - Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower - The Eta Aquarids are a decent shower for many in the Northern Hemisphere, though they put on a better show for those near and south of the equator. If there’s a clear night where you live around the week of the peak, look to the south before dawn to try to catch a glimpse at some of the dust and particles left behind by Halley’s Comet. 

Friday May 7, 2021 - Jupiter rises just before 3 A.M. local time this morning. Currently magnitude –2.2, it’s is a bright, easy-to-spot target, especially as it climbs away from the horizon in the hours before sunrise.

And, because we can, we are pawticipating in Comedy Plus' Happy Tuesday, You can click on the button to be taken to her site!  Thanks Sandee! We LOVE your hops!


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    Hugs, Teddy

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