Monday, March 8, 2021

March 9-16 Weekly Pet Horoscopes

Are you ready? I am!

Cinnamon, my hairy slobbery sister felt we should write the horoscopes for all pets and not just cats! And being a multi-pet household, we agreed! 
You may not know exactly when you were born and what sign yous are, there are 2 ways you can pick the right sign. You can go to several horoscope sites and read the profiles to find which fits your pet. or you can use your Gotcha Day.

Here are the scopes we have written for you for Marc 9 - March 16, 2021, with your Purrsonal lucky day.

Aries (Mar. 21- Apr. 20) If you expect to get anywhere, slow down. You're been impulsive, putting one foot ahead of the other without noticing that the foot is in your mouth. People will laugh at you. Tuesday and Wednesday, relax you cannot change anything. Thru to next week, you are ambitious. you've got so many big plans and schemes to fulfill! It's a great time to get your furblings or human(s) do the work for you. Your purrsonal lucky day is Wednesday. You get your favorite supper.
Taurus (Apr. 21- May 21)Thru Wednesday your world is colored with bright markers. Everything looks snazzier. Your life seems more exciting. This turns daunting on Thursday, your human is wavering, why, you don’t know. The specifics are deadly dull, so don't waste time trying to grasp them. Of course, you can still hop up in a lap for some petting, but make sure you're free to hop back down. The weekend has you feeling very enlightened. Thru Monday everything is excellent. Your purrsonal lucky day is Saturday. A longed for toy is yours!  
Gemini (May 22-June 21) Your brain is humming with great energy this week and you might come up with all sorts of new fun ideas! Today and tomorrow is great for hanging out. Thursday your human has the best of intentions, but no matter how many people they plan to meet, they'll end up spending time with only you. An intense conversation on Friday and a confusing Sunday and Monday with folks who can't imagine what you're barking or hissing about rounds out the week. Your purrsonal lucky day this week is Thursday. While vacuuming a lost toy is found. 
Cancer (June 22-July 22) You really can't do anything to change matters this week. The first half of the week you can drop a bomb that gets everyone's attention! By the weekend, you feel lost and want a nice warm lap to sit on. The world seems to be closing in on you! Try to deal with stuff one at a time, but it's okay for you to duck and cover under the sofa! Monday is your lucky day! Everything you do is purrfect and you receive extra treats!
Leo (July 23-Aug 22) Everyone's agreeing with you at the start of the week. Your confidence is attractive. Inspiration strikes and your life is much more fun as a result! It's a great time to start new games, make new friends and get your people involved in new adventures. The second half of the week follow your intuition – you get excitement, adventure and other stuff like that. Lucky you! Sunday and Monday figure out who needs your help and offer it. Your purrsonal lucky day is Saturday. Something you thought lost is found.

Virgo (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Early this week, let others do their own thing. Any trips will be more than adventurous. Mid-week, look carefully into the little details of your daily life, you can figure out stuff that no other pet could put together! That brain of yours is good for more than just hunting bugs. Toward the end of the week, you snap out of it and show up for a family obligation. Good for you! You will be rewarded with affection this weekend. Your purrsonal lucky day is Wednesday. Your favorite treats magically appear.
Libra (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) The upside of living in the present is you don't need to constantly experiencing new things to feel challenged. You enjoy the ordinary, from looking out the window to devouring chow. Midweek, you explore more. Your personality is just too big to stay cooped up! You don't even have to go very far to find somewhere new that appeals to your hidden side. It will be a weird weekend, and your head will be in the past. But when you express your feelings, people respond well. Your purrsonal lucky day is today, Tuesday. You feel and are treated like the royalty you are! 
Scorpio (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)Today you are feeling a bit on-edge and might have to resist the urge to do something naughty. You know you'll just get caught, but sometimes your dark side is just too persuasive! Midweek you are high-energy and magnetic and your thoughtfulness gets you pets. This weekend, Just hang out with those you really like. Your ideas are like tennis balls, they bounce all over. Your purrsonal lucky Day is Thursday. You get your favorite treats! 
Sagittarius (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) At the start of the week you're focused on the small stuff-bugs, dust bunnies and other tiny things that stand out. Now is a great time for you to see about making things different. In the ensuing days, you're trying to figure out why your life is going in certain directions. Friendship is king on Thursday, and a compliment on Friday is going to lift your spirits even more (It's true. You love to be adored!) Over the weekend and into Monday, show off your creativity and wit. Your purrsonal lucky day is Thursday. Did someone say new ball?
Capricorn (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) You're worried about a furbling or human(s) and need to show them what they mean to you. Try brushing up against them or maybe you need to stalk them. Midweek, spend some time honing your skills. Practice. Take your time. And don't proceed until you have a plan about where you're going. The end of the week is also about discipline (even things that seem impossible are possible, so long as you stick to it). The weekend and into Monday, plans and projects go in your favor. Impress the pants off someone. Your purrsonal lucky day is Friday. A longed for toy is yours!
Aquarius (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) On Tuesday the sweet energy flowing through you is pushing you to cuddle up with some friendly human, furbling or pillow -- and get into some serious snuggling! It feels great and everyone is energized. Toward the middle of the week, your toys are all you can think about, but on Thursday someone reminds you that the universe is humongous and full of opportunities. Spend Friday around friends, and welcome Saturday and Sunday at home, in a relaxed position. Your purrsonal lucky day is Thursday, you find something you lost!

Pisces (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) You are in a spring-cleaning mood at the start of the week. You, your toys, your bad habits – everything! Change doesn't bother you at all. Later in the week, it's your human's turn to live to please for a change. Don't be too specific about what you beg for. Then watch your human keep busy trying to figure out your every whim. On Sunday, and into Monday, pay attention, be aware and give others the benefit of the doubt. Your purrsonal lucky day is Sunday! You are a star and are treated like it! 

This is the 13th Week of Writing the horoscopes

 What is in the sky this week

March 9 - Conjunction of the Moon and Saturn - While conjunctions between the Moon and planets happen regularly, it’s always fun so see them when the Moon is at an ideal phase. That will be the case on March 9th, when there’s a conjunction between the Moon and Saturn.

March 9 - Conjunction of the Moon and  Jupiter- Conjunctions between the Moon and Jupiter happen close in time to those with Saturn.

March 14 – Peak of the γ-Normid Meteor Shower- For our southern hemisphere friends, this meteor shower runs from February 25th through March 28th, but astronomers predict that the night of greatest activity will occur on the 14th. On this night, you can expect to see up to six meteors per hour.

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  1. oooh da nelly is happy... maybe he finds his bone back on saturday?

  2. I hope its clear tonight so I can see the conjunction(s). I wish I lived where we could see all the meteors, that would be pawsome like a celestial fireworks display!

  3. I read all of the horoscopes every week. I am a Leo but even though I wasn't born on the cusp, Cancer is always far more appropriate.

  4. Well, nothing too extraordinary for any of us coming up this week. Olivia is super excited because it it her birthday in a couple weeks. Her horoscope probably fits her the best of all.

  5. My blankie is in the washing machine right now! You are right about spring cleaning!

  6. I love this part of Angel Madi's Cat-a-scope, "Don't be too specific about what you beg for. Then watch your human keep busy trying to figure out your every whim", it was 100% her. We could never quite get it right with Madi but in spite of being a diva she repeatedly forgave us. this Thursday, March 11 would have been her 19th bday.
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. Oh boy - my best day will be this Sunday. I am watching my Mom do Spring cleaning but I'm not helping - unless you count NOT bringing in my muddy feet when I come inside from outside as "cleaning" - I'd say it's more like "not dirtying" !! Thanks for the horror-scope! Tee Hee

    Hugs, Teddy

  8. Purrfect for both Raz and Noelle. Raz is doing a lot of lap hoping and Noelle is bug hunting!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. i go for small bugs of sagittairus sign. i always tell Lynn when there are bugs
    in the house. we get nasty stink bugs in and i won't touch them.

  10. I live with Bo the Libra and his daddy the Libra. And both said that last line for him is treated like royalty and it's oh so true but daddy said no not true for him

  11. This is so fun to do each week. It's good to know what kind of a week we'll have.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Scritches all around, a smooch to Marv and a big hug to mom. ♥

  12. There's some really good ones this week!

  13. I sure hope Monday is my day as I go to the V. E. T. Yep I want a good checkup for an elder

  14. Timber especially enjoyed his horoscope this week - he is always a bundle of energy so this week could be quite the wild one. And he will be thrilled if that noisy vacuum turns up a new toy.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  15. My horoscope doesn't seem to fit this week ! I am so lazy that I sleep the whole day and wander around during night nothing happens and I am bored despite that she bought me a lazer toy !

  16. Great horoscopes! We'll have to keep an eye out for those planets and the moon. My ghostwriter noticed that when she got out of work last night at 11:30pm, she could see that Orion is setting. This means Spring is coming!

  17. Good job on the horoscopes. Sammy and Joanie are pleased with their Libra one and I hope my Leo one is true. XO

  18. Oh boy! It says I’m going to drop a bomb the beginning of this week. And I did! I horked up a hairball!! ~Ernie

  19. Thanks for sharing these wonderful horoscopes. My kitty will be happy that Saturday is their lucky day. Maybe a new toy to play with. Have an excellent rest of your week.
    World of Animals Rittenhouse

  20. This week mom dropped the bomb on the cats, the dog is coming for a visit. They are all convinced all hope is lost through the weekend. Sounds like Cancer is governing this week.

  21. This is a great help for us dogs to plan our week.

  22. Maybe on Thursday, we will help Ava find all the toys that are under the couch! :)


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