Thursday, December 3, 2020

Thankful Thursday with Kozmo

This post is LATE! our auto post did not Auto post and Mom was gone all day...But we wanted to share how thankful we are 

I brought up the laundry this evening and Jo Jo was talking to Kozmo on the bed.

"Hey Kozmo - I heard you ejecting slime er... had a hair ball incident on the bed this morning...are you here to check out the wash job on the sheets?"

OK Mom...I'll check the sheets...I want to make sure that there are NO bed mice and no leftover hairball gunk.
 Let me adjust the sheets (claw, tug, rip)

Nope! There is NOTHING here either!

I declare that these sheets are clean (except for a whole bunch of black cat hair!)


 Yes! This Tuxie clown sure knows how to make us laugh!

We are so very thankful for what we have, especially you my friend! We are pawticipating in Thankful Thursday at Brian's Home. Please click on his button to goes and bes part of all the thankfulness!



We are pawticipating in Thankful Thursday at Brian's home. Click his button to go to his blog to share thanks with everyone!



  1. oooh we agree that is a wonderful thing to checvk da bed if it fits to us ;O)

  2. You guys are way more helpful with the bed sheets than I am! I'm under the impression that fresh sheets just magically appear because I'm never in the room when they happen.

  3. I am glad thee clean bed linen meets with your approval, Kozmo.

  4. Such a fun bunch of sheet checkers you are, bravo! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  5. You are such a sweetheart, Kozmo! That has happened to us a few times, the not posting on schedule!

    Tama and Genji

  6. I am glad the bed inspector was pleased with the final wash.

  7. dood...why did yur mom hafta go and roo inn de sheetz bye washin em !!!

    lookin good buddy and jo jo ewe bee lookin gorgeouz yur self ") ♥♥

  8. Kozmo, you are an excellent sheet checker.

  9. You need to get extra treats for all that hard work, Kozmo!


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