Thursday, November 26, 2020

Where has we been?

Boy oh boy! 
This is going to bes fun! Wes is BLOGGING!!!
Mom - hurry up! You promised to help us blog!
It has it been busy around here! Mom was working extra specially hard trying to "tie up loose ends" as she was retiring. And Alex was gone working in Edmonton. Mom said we were not helping when wes started fighting over lap time!
Wes gotted snow... 

Then it melted
Then wes had Halloween
Then it snowed again
And now it is (sort of) melting
And MOM IS RETIRED!!!! Her last day was last Friday!
Kozmo likes that the can supervise easier.
Mom has been still working on her computer - but she is doing art
and we is still purrterbed with the lack of attention...
Alex will bes back next week and wes can harass him!
Cinnie spends time wrecking the covers on the sofas....
I prefer the tree in the window when mes inside
The bedroom bed sunpuddle belongs to Jo Jo!
And wes thankful to bes back blogging! Oh Yes! Yous can visit Brian where it is Thankful Thursday!
And wes wants to wish our American Furrends Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. We are so happy to see you and we are so happy for your Mom and we wish her a most Happy Retirement! Our Mom and Dad highly recommend it. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. Whoo hooo always great to hear from you!

  3. Yay for Mom! That's so exciting that she is retired! :)

    You all sure have been busy. We missed you, and are so happy to see you back blogging. XO

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Friends. Dad says welcome to the world of retirement it's the bes. Purrs from us all

  5. Congratulations to your human on her retirement - and I look forward to seeing you guys more often!

  6. we wish your mama a super time... how great that she has now much more time for you ;O)

  7. Hari Om
    Oh it is so good you see you all (and mum's handiwork on the banner)... looking forward to seeing more and very soon!!! Hugs, wag, whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  8. We are so glad that you are back blogging. WE missed you! And your Mom being retired should (!) mean more time for you!

    Purrs and Woofs,
    Tama, Genji and Ollie

  9. Congratulations to your mum on her retirement! It is lovely to see you all back again.

  10. Oh, colour me green with envy on that retiring gig!
    It's going to be several more years for me, I fear.
    But, thankfully, I am still employed now, during this pandemic.
    Thanks for stopping by to visit our blog!

  11. Hidey Hidey Ho my friends.
    Congrats to mom on her will just love love love it. Especially with snow on the horizon no going out unless she wants to. Hugs to all of you and may each and every day be full snuggles and love to all

  12. OMC! Congratulations to your mom on her retirement! Our mom retired about 4 years ago and we love having her around all the time...well, most of the time. :)

  13. Retirement sounds great! Hope it all works out well for you and your Mom:)

    And yes indeed: Welcome back!!

    (Petcretary says she might do a semi retirement by cutting her hours by one third...which means she would only work 2 days a week instead of three. Time will tell what she ends up doing...she may decide to work one week of two and one week of all depends on the pocketbook...)

  14. Welcome back! We LOVE your new art header! Concats to your mom on her retirement. She is gonna do freelance like my Pop does? He gotted retired in April but an ex-boss called him up to do some work for a new company she started.


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