Thursday, February 2, 2023

Feline Friday with Midway Mike

 Big Sighs! 

We got snow and cold weather at the beginning of November (we have gone through 3 months of winter) six more weeks means 1/3 of the year not being able to enjoy the great outdoors. Other than the snoring, Mike was a terrific guest!

Here he is with Kozmo looking for the purrfect place to stand for his prognostication.

Here he is with Cinnie. They bonded when Mike was snacking on Cinnamon's Crunchies.

Friendly Fill-Ins by Midway Mike!


The Friendly Fill-ins are written by 15 and Meowing (the first 2) and the second two are written by Four-Legged Fur Balls! We hope you enjoyed learning about Midway Mike as much as we love learning about you dear furrends.

 1. I enjoy making salads out of the vegetables your Mom grows in her garden. That's why I built my burrow behind your house.
2. I can’t stop watching all the other groundhogs emerging from their burrows on Ground Hog Day on TV. Did you see Punxsutawney Phil today? Do you know he's only correct 36% of the time?
3. I need to figure out a new burrow before Groundhog Day next year! I'm going to have a heck of a time getting back to sleep!
4. I may not sing, but I do know how to dance!

ROCK on Mike!

Feline Friday

Here I am asking Mike if he would answer the Friendly Fill-Ins!

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  1. Hari Om
    Well, the weather here certainly wouldn't through a shadow... but that also means it isn't going to be spring anytime soon! Hugswagswhiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Dear Marv, I just don't understand how you can have over 100° in the summertime, and then be buried under snow like an Eskimo for 4 or 5 months. I see that Midway Mike was just like our Buckeye Chuck and we can expect six more weeks of winter. Since it's only 5° this morning I think he had to make sure we knew it was going to happen. By the way the dance by Midway Mike was pretty darn terrific and so were his answers.

    1. Mom thinks it is the worst winter here that she can remember (they have had the house here for 35 years). We do get a fair amount of snow (we are in the mountains), but the temperature usually is between 25f and 45f. It has been way way colder this year. We don't have the accumulation on the streets and valleys (but we do on the top of the mountains) and that is usually in December and January with the melts starting in February. Oh! The the river seldom freezes completely. We are tired of the cold and snow this year.

  3. congrats Mike on your really great answers to the questions and those dance moves make me want to dance too... I see you have one of our lizards on your fence, how did he get way up there in snow and ice... hugs to all of you and sorry about the next 6 weeks. Mother Nature is riding a see saw, so who knows what will happen next

  4. Mike looks like a real sweetie! Ollie says he loves the shot of Cinnie!

    The Chans

  5. Our Groundhog also saw his shadow...darn.
    I want Spring to come so I can get some nice grass to eat.
    Hope you and Cinnie are staying warm. You are brave to be in that snow!
    Purrs, Julie

  6. Dude, we laughed so hard! We love the groundhog, absolutely epic!

  7. And that is exactly why mom never plants veges in our yard, Midway Mike! You are quite the dancer☺

  8. We never knew that groundhogs could dance. BOL! We forgot to mention that we love your February header.

  9. Marv, you sure know how to get things going there on your street. Your mom and the others, your siblings, can depend on you. And your take charge and 'gitter done' attitude. Oh...please tell Kozmo to come on over. I have a fab sunpuddle right here right now for us both! I'm in it now and will stay till about 1400. But I'd move over for you in any case. Smoochies on your tuxie face!

  10. Watching the shenanigans on TV yesterday, I'm thinking that some humans have much too much time on their hands.
    A cat would never consider asking a groundhog for weather information.

  11. Mike gave great answers. The weather has been weird here too. December was unusually cold, January we had daily deluges and now it is milder than average. Next week is forecast to get colder again. I just wish it would make it's mind up!

  12. i love midway mike!! I might have to buy one of my own! Stay warm!

  13. Thank you Mike for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. And you are a fantastic dancer. XO

  14. Midway Mike is such a fun one! Hey, I really like your header art!

  15. I trust him more than I do the groundhog, and he's a better dancer too.

  16. Midway Mike is certainly entertaining. Thanks for joining Feline Friday!

  17. LOL I love Midway Mike and I agree very entertaining, nice fill - ins too :-)

    Have a groundhogtastic weekend 👍

  18. OMD! That Midway Mike is sure a character! We didn't think he could dance!


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