Monday, November 30, 2020

Weekly Horoscope December 1 - December 7 Just for CATS

Yes Kitties! Wes bringing yous a FREE Weekly horoscope!

We thought we would brings yous something new!

 Yous may not know exactly when yous was born and what sign yous is, there is 2 ways, you can go to several horoscope sites and read the profiles (here is a link to one) or you can use your Gottcha Day. It is the day yous was born into your family! 

Have fun and read your horoscope for the Week December 1st to December 7, 2020.

Aries -- (Mar. 21- Apr. 20) Jumping to the top of the cupboards can be rewarding. Try to NOT knock anything down, but DO play with items that won’t break. Pretend innocence if you are caught. You may get away with your antics! But keep your eye on the grand prize. Your purrsonal lucky day this week will be Monday – you will score extra treats.
Taurus -- (Apr. 21- May 21) You will have to deal with any shortages of treats on your own. You may be uncertain about your people and their motives. Work quietly to get those treats! Make sure you pamper yourself too; extra grooming will be most gratifying. -- Your purrsonal lucky day this week will be Saturday--maybe a hot dog will fall on the floor and you runs off with it!
Gemini -- (May 22-June 21) Treats can be yours if you use your ingenuity, however your human can easily become annoyed with your behavior. If the Cat Toy Tree is erected, your help will be favored. Try not to let your temper erupt if your efforts are thwarted! -- Your purrsonal lucky day this week will be Wednesday. Catnip anyone?
Cancer -- (June 22-July 22) You will accomplish most of what you need to do this week. Your human may not appreciate your efforts though, so you may have to compromise. Try not to spend too much time chasing your siblings or toys for entertainment. Knocking over the Cat Toy Tree can cause difficulties. -- Your purrsonal lucky day this week will be Thursday. A can of tuna in your food dish would be excellent.
Leo -- (July 23-Aug 22) You have a great idea for home improvement. If youact on it, this could cause you to not be popular. You may end up spending extra time UTB. Resist overexertion. Instead, spend time sleeping on luxury items. You should sit on everyone’s lap this week. -- Your purrsonal lucky day this week will be Monday. Smoked salmon would be grrreat!
Virgo -- (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Are you thinking of exploring a closet or finding a new sleeping spot? You may feel sharing of ¼ of the bed with your person(s) is enough, but they may think the ratio should be reversed. You enjoy lavish forms of entertainment and should consider making your climbing of the Cat Toy Tree a high priority. -- Your purrsonal lucky day this week will be Thursday. A bag of treats is left out and the top is open...
Libra -- (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Don't let your human think you are not the slayer that you – a wild cat – can be! Prove it! Opportunities to show how your role in the household can be enhanced may be found by pursuing a rodent throughout the abode. When you catch it, ensure you present it to your human. Accept the treats they shower on you with grace and dignity. -- Your purrsonal lucky day this week will be Monday - maybe you get to catch another rodent!
Scorpio -- (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Later in the week your human will pat you on the back for a job well done. Don't hesitate to present your claws gently and purr loudly. Sit with your human and try to pay attention to what they say. Mew at appropriate times and they will shower you with treats! These small gestures will ensure you get the gifts you deserve. -- Your purrsonal lucky day this week will be Thursday.Your tummy is full to the brim with the treats your human gives you.
Sagittarius -- (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) You may have difficulties with interlopers. Watch them carefully if there are any in your home. Attack any ankles or toes! However make sure these are not the ankles and toes of the special person in your life. You will prosper if you purr and make biscuits on their lap. -- Your purrsonal lucky day this week will be Sunday. Bacon all round!
Capricorn -- (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) The erection of the Cat Toy Tree may be interfering with your play areas. Don't let the erratic behavior of your human(s) interfere with your playtime performance. Sleep more, eat more, change your routine and play when your people are asleep! Take advantage of every opportunity!-- Your purrsonal lucky day this week will be Tuesday. Real deaded shrimp are Tuesday night's dinner!
Aquarius -- (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Opportunities for racing through the home from top to bottom will get you through the week. Don't overdo it though! Knocking those extra special Cat Toy Tree items to the floor may banish you to a closed room. Be prepared to alienate loved ones due to your stubborn nature unless you rub against their legs and purr contritely. -- Your purrsonal lucky day this week will be Saturday. You get a new sparkly ball!
Pisces -- (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Take care of any pressing hair balls. Horking into slippers is the best solution. Your family may not want you too, but it will be a great laugh to write about in your blog. Your contributions through your antics will be valued and helpful. However, you may end up being blamed if anything else goes wrong. -- Your purrsonal lucky day this week will be Friday. Fish for supper. 

We hope you enjoyed our forecasts for the upcoming week. 

Please let us know if you would like this to become a regular feature! 

AND because we can...wes pawticipating in Happy Tuesday over at Comedy-Plus! Click the link to see all the happiness!


Saturday, November 28, 2020

November 2020 Selfie

 Hi Guys! 

We hopes all our US buddies had a Happy Thanksgiving! 

This is the last Selfie Sunday of November 2020. Its going to be just the Manliest of Man Cats!

This is a picture of of Kozmo on Mom's desk on Mom's last day at work. 

He LOVED sitting on Mom's desk while she was working and demanding pets. He has been discombobulated with Mom not working this last week. He still jumps on her desk and "cleans" off all the junk er accumulated items off of it.

NOW mes wants to show yous how HAPPY mes is at being back blogging again!

Don't I just have the happiest look on my face? And can't you hear me purring? (I sure am!)
Now click on the button to goes to The Cat on My Head's Blog and see all the other selfies.

Gosh it's good to be back!



Friday, November 27, 2020

Fabulous Friday!

Mom had some computer art she had to do so she could take advantage of BLACK Friday and send gifts to family! So this post is a twofer, wes is doing the Fillins and wes doing Caturday Art! 

First the Fill Ins with 15 and Meowing and the Four-Legged Furballs.

Warning #1 is a Mom Rant!
1. Why is internet and cable TV so expensive here in Canada? Gosh, I was sorting through old papers, as I have to do the Daddy's taxes, and found a paper bill from 4 1/2 years ago. Right now I'm paying $185 for both (internet and cable) - the bill from 4 years ago - $65! That's an increase of 120%! No more channels, no change in the speed.... and the price is going up again in January
Kozmo is answering #2
2. On holidays, I always have a second serving of whipped cream! I gotta tells yous...whipped cream is my favorite thing EVER! 
Marv is answering # 3
3. I’m eternally grateful for having moved from Iran to Canada. AND that we moved to Midway and I can goes outside.
And lastly the enigmatic Jo Jo
4. ‘Tis the season for ribbon and pipe cleaners! I love playing with both and I live that I'm so cute that Mom gives me extra treats because I'm so cute. 

Caturday Art!

Now wes usually does Photo art or we has art that has been created on paper scanned and manipulated, but Mom has been trying to learn some new Photoshop and Illustrator techniques, so today, for Artsy Cturday with Athena and Marie, we has Cats in Space! (Mom was working on a Christmas Card for the New Great Grand Nephew and his 2 year old sister).
Here it is before adding the Christmas tree and floating ornaments (and mice)
AND we made a puzzle!
Now clicks Athena's Badge and yous will be whisked to her site where yous can see all the other excellent Cat Art!

Thanks Athena! You looks purticularly stunning this week end!

Wes promises we will pose for our selfies for Sunday! Has a terrific weekend!

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Where has we been?

Boy oh boy! 
This is going to bes fun! Wes is BLOGGING!!!
Mom - hurry up! You promised to help us blog!
It has it been busy around here! Mom was working extra specially hard trying to "tie up loose ends" as she was retiring. And Alex was gone working in Edmonton. Mom said we were not helping when wes started fighting over lap time!
Wes gotted snow... 

Then it melted
Then wes had Halloween
Then it snowed again
And now it is (sort of) melting
And MOM IS RETIRED!!!! Her last day was last Friday!
Kozmo likes that the can supervise easier.
Mom has been still working on her computer - but she is doing art
and we is still purrterbed with the lack of attention...
Alex will bes back next week and wes can harass him!
Cinnie spends time wrecking the covers on the sofas....
I prefer the tree in the window when mes inside
The bedroom bed sunpuddle belongs to Jo Jo!
And wes thankful to bes back blogging! Oh Yes! Yous can visit Brian where it is Thankful Thursday!
And wes wants to wish our American Furrends Happy Thanksgiving!