Saturday, July 31, 2021

Selfie Sunday

 Because we were off line for 3 weeks, we thought we would try to get everyone in on the Selfie Sunday today.

Jo Jo took a couple of nice shots yesterday. Rather than try to get her to pose, again, we decided to use a photo where she is actually SMILING!

 Next up is Mr Kozmo! He was melting in the 100 degree heat and did not want to come in! But he did sit up and look at the camera when Mom said, "Does my Most Handsome Man Cat want some treats?" As soon as she went inside, he followed her... (he wanted more treats).

And I, Marv, got the primo spot on the cat tree on the deck! Can you see my self satisfied smile?

Lastly (and NEVER least) is our hairy slobbery sister - Cinnamon!

She is always happy! She likes the cool air in the house too. She and Jo Jo can be found inside during the hot part of the day. Speaking of hot...

 Now we want to THANK YOU ALL for your purrayers and please keep them coming! We have a 70% chance of RAIN tomorrow (and look at the cooler weather too)! We would sure love that! Maybe more purrayers will make it 100%!

We are pawticipating in Selfie Sunday at The Cat On My Head! Some of the most wonderful news we got during our hiatas was that Sawyer was found! What a wonderful, wonderful event! Please click on their button to go to The Cat On My Head's Blog and Selfie Central!


Oh Yes! We have some special guests tomorrow for the Jokes on Monday 

Friday, July 30, 2021

Artsy Caturday with Jo Jo

We are so furry happy that we are blogging! Wowzers! That is 2 posts in two days! Purrhaps we are back to normal.  We ALL wanted to be the art this week, so Mom made us vote and Jo Jo won!

She looks so furry pretty and posed so beautifully - we are amazed! Usually she HATES having her photo taken.

Next we used the Painnt App and the Lapiz filter, we liked it, but it was a little bright...

So we uploaded the photo to Lunapic and used the Landscape filter.

 It was beautiful and we all loved it, but Jo Jo likes the brighter colors and asked if we could put the 2 images together! So we did. 

We LOVE how it turned out! 
Now for you Puzzle lovers, all you have to do is click on each image and you will be taken to the puzzle page!
Now its has been a little while since we pawticipated, but we did find the way to to Athena's Caturday Art page! Please click her button to be whisked to her page! Marie makes wonderful art and she supports a number of wonderful causes.


First, Mom took some time off. Then a week ago, the fire at Nk'Mip burned where our connection to the internet (and cable TV) was situated. This was no big deal at our house as Mom's Aunt did not have the internet, but when Mom got home a week ago, she had run out of Data on her phone, so NO blogging for us!  

I was a little despondent when I  realized I would MISS having a birthday pawty!

After all, both Nelly the Weineramer and me have the same birthday! 

Mom said she was sorry, but I was sad, until we got an email from Ms Ann at Zoolatry! 

She and June were throwing me a Birthday Pawty! You can click on the lovely card to be whisked to my pawty!

I was so furry happy! I asked Mom if we could make it a comment-a-thon and Mom said YES! We are donating $65 to the Boundary Helping Hands Feline Rescue Society. They do so much to help lost cats find their homes and all cats find the best forever homes. We want to thank EVERYONE who stopped by and made my birthday so furry special! We tried to thank you all on Ann and June's Blog, and we will stop by your Blogs as soon as we get a chance. We also got some terrific cards and Ms Ingrid of Meezer's Mews and Terristical Woofs also posted for our birthday and all the people who wished us Happy Birthday there, we are adding your names to our comment-a-thon!

For all of you! I made a Badge for You!


I also received some lovely cards, Mom says she is going to post them on a special page on the blog when she gets a chance to pull everything together. 

We thought we would show you a map of our area and where the fires are.

There are a few on the US side, but they are quire a bit south of us. We are only in danger if a NEW fire starts (or a really big wind from the West). The fire has not yet topped the hills between us and Osoyoos. We are purraying for all the families who are on evacuation. So far only a few trailers have been lost, and one house. We hope that no more are. 

The smoke is not too bad today, we have been having a light breeze. We are looking at furry hot weather through the weekend (38-40c or 100-105f) BUT there is some cooler weather forecasted. (Mid 20s C or 75f) . We can't wait!

I, Marv am hoping that we get back to our regularly scheduled posting, 

Now THANKS for you dear furrends!



Thursday, July 8, 2021

Sads and we will be off line for a while

Mom was very close to her Auntie Helen. They spent a lot of time living under the same roof when they we both young and were like sisters.
 The unbearable heat we had took her Over The Bridge. Auntie Helen was met by her husband Ted, her sister Joy, her Dad Fred and Mom Claris, Dan, her cats Missy and Katie, the shared cat Tiki and Woofy Corkie. 
She passed away just the way she would have liked it, in her favorite place, her lounge chair on her deck, surrounded by her garden. 
Mom is very sad. We have told Mom we will allow her the time she needs (she may have to go and help her cousins for a while) and we will not be blogging as much as we normally do. 
Thanks you dear furrends.

We have turned off comments for this post.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Story in 3 Pictures for Wordless Wednesday

 Just a few words...
Mom was too bust to help us pawticipate In Purrsuit of Flavors with the Canadian Cats and the Weims. 


We are pawticipating over at Comedy Plus' Wordless Wednesday! We LOVE this hop and we love seeing all the other Wordlessness! THANKS SANDEE! You Rock!



Monday, July 5, 2021

Unicorns on Happy Tuesday

 No horoscopes this week, Adora is still here so Jo Jo and I thought we would do a Happy Tuesday post with her!

We are pawticipating in Happy Tuesday over at Comedy Plus! If you click on the button, you will be immediately whisked to Sandee's Blog at Comedy Plus and her Happy Tuesdays are always the best!

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Spark and Awww with Marv and Jo Jo

SPARK With Jo Jo!

McGuffy’s who was hosting the Sparks is on hiatus,  mes is going to keeps posting them anyway!  She says “I truly do believe we are meant to be lights in this world. If we allow our light to shine, we can see where we are going. It is then that we can begin to truly see each other clearly. There is hope. Together, we can light up the entire world!

Sparks Badge

And NOW for the AWWW-SOME Jokes!

IF YOU would like to pawticipate or you have a joke you would like to share on our AWWW-some Mondays with us, leave a note in the comments or email us! We would LOVE to have you on our blog!

Now for even MORE AWWW-someness, please click the Awww Monday button to be taken to Comedy Plus! Comedy Plus is Hop central and is curated by the besest lady - Sandee. Stop by to see all the AWWW!



Saturday, July 3, 2021

Selfie Sunday with Jo Jo

 It is Jo Jo's turn to do the Selfie Sunday. I went looking for her to tell her that Mom would help her...

Jo Jo, stop and go see Mom!
"Marv, its not polite to bother a lady when she is bathing." Said Jo Jo
But its your turn to do the selfie, I said. 

Marv, GO AWAY or I will!

But Jo Jo...

I'm leaving!

And there she was...gone! I went and told Mom. Mom said she would find her and get the photo!

Marv was bugging me and I left, but I'm done my bath, thanks for helping me take my selfie! 
And I want to wish all our American Furrends a Happy July Fourth! 
These fireworks won't make noise and scare you!

Sawyer is still missing. He is a member of The Cat on My Head Family who sponsors Selfie Sunday. We are purraying that he comes home or is found soon.
This badge came from Two Spoiled Cats-Thanks Pam, Teddy and Angel Sammy.
Please click their badge to be taken to Selfie Sunday Central at The Cat on My Head

Friday, July 2, 2021

Caturday Art with Marv

 Hi guys! It is still hot, but it is cooler than it was on Wednesday, Today we only went up to 35c (that 95f).

The fans and the portable air conditioner are still running all day and most of the night. But it is nice that it was 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. Fires have been breaking out everywhere. Lytton, BC, a small village known as the Hot Spot of Canada was 90% burned yesterday. Lytton has a population of about 240 (400 people less than us). And some people are still missing. We are purraying for them. 

I think I have creates some terrific art for you guys this week. First here is the photo I chose to make into the art.I think I look purrticularly handsome in this pose.

We used the Painnt App (we can't remember the filters). The first one is a little dark and I thought I looked a little I picked a really bright and cheery filter!

preview110pieceMarv July 3 Rainbow

I LOVE being a rainbow! I could NOT choose which one to use, so I am posting both for Caturday Art!

And today we are pawticipating in Athena and Marie's Caturday art. Caturday Art is a chance for all pets and their humans to get creative with their photos. We always have so much fun. Please click on their button to be taken to Caturday Art Central!