Monday, October 19, 2020


Hi Guys! Wes is well and happy and not liking how cold it has been outside! Wes keeps sitting at the door...when wes is inside, to goes out, when wes is outside, to gets in! It has been colder than normal.

Wes not been posting this October. Mom has a mini vacation and her and Alex did all kinds of work around the yard. She did not has time helps us blog...and when she gotted back to work...well she has been furry busy! She retires next month and there is a software roll out. She has been furry busy! Wes only expecting hers to helps us furry sporadically! Wes has been getting some pictures up on her instagram though...

Wes did wants to post this month though...even though Mom has had a tough time in years past to takes pictures of out tocs, wes has lets her takes them this year just so wes can blog!

First up is the beauteous  Jo Jo!

Next Mr. Kozmo

Then Cinnamon with a terrific action shot!

And MES!!

Wes can't waits to sees evfurryone else's toc shots!

AND because wes is posting...wes going to pawticipate in Comedy Plus' HAPPY TUESDAY!!! Wes LOVES Sandee! Makes sure yous goes and says Hi!